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3 Day Healthy AND Tasty Cookery Retreat

From £558 to £857 (price determined by occupancy and room type)

Enjoy a luxury, boutique Healthy AND Tasty plant based whole food cookery retreat here at The Milestone Detox in the Cotswolds. You will leave feeling lean, clean, inspired and refreshed. This course will serve as a perfect introduction to a healthier lifestyle whether or not you have completed one of our detox programmes. If you want to be empowered to lose weight, get and stay  healthy and/or manage your Diabetes this is the course for you!

What's Included?

3 nights of luxury accommodation, 3 meals a day, 3 days of hands-on workshops, recipes, daily Pilates and stunning walks in the Cotswold countryside. You will discover tasty recipes that include cooked and raw plant-based whole foods (vegetarian and vegan), all of which are low GI, sugar, dairy and gluten free, and quick and easy to prepare. These filling and nutritious recipes will help to protect you and your loved ones from heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and are really tasty! 

We will teach you how to make your own dairy free milk and hot drinks.
We will teach you how to make your own muesli with super fruits.
We will teach you how to make gluten free carb or protein based American pancakes.

We will teach you how to make soups and smoothies for a highly nutritious liquid lunch with dehydrated crackers and seed bread.
We will teach you how to make practical, protein rich lunches, from fresh to freezer to lunch box.
We will teach you how to make the ULTIMATE salad - the secret is in the sauce!  

We will teach you how to use a slow cooker to make lots of meals from a single crock pot using pulses and grains.
We will teach you how to use tofu and tempeh in fast food, protein rich stir fries.
We will teach you how to make healthy, tasty and guilt-free deserts, including chocolate! 


Join us for our new boutique healthy eating cookery courses! We will be teaching you how to prepare plant-based (no animal products), gluten-free, sugar-free, low GI meals. Eat 3 meals daily of a combination of cooked, raw and living foods that are quick and easy to prepare, filling, nutritious, delicious AND which will support goals for weight-loss, disease reversal and increased energy.

Our 3 day whole-foods cookery course retreat will teach you the skills and techniques to help you create new habits and achieve your longer term goals. Come on a Milestone Detox Cookery Retreat to be empowered with recipes and an introduction to ingredients and products that are designed for people who live busy lives. The educational and immersive daily hands-on workshops will not only inspire you but also teach you WHY and WHEN to eat it!

You will be introduced to the chaga and reishi healing mushrooms, a variety of pulses and grains and what you can do with each thing at each stage: from groat (seed) to sprout, then flour to food, learn the forms of things and how the form impacts the nutritional value.


1. Protein beyond eggs and smoked salmon - eat it hot or cold, you decide

2. Gluten-free Pancakes - protein or carb, you can choose

3. Make it Yourself Muesli with superfruits - muesli, bircher or granola, variations created on a theme

Ginger and Turmeric Shot served before daily, morning Pilates

Lemon Water, Detox Teas & Coffees with plant-based milks

Unlimited Grander Water


1. Liquid Lunches - sustaining smoothies and soups to eat in or take out with dehydrated gluten-free crackers and baked seed bread

2. Protein Lunches - from freezer to lunchbox or making it fresh, versatile and practical food without quality compromise

3. The Ultimate Salad - the secret is in the sauce! Learn how to make a living food salad into a proper meal that satiates and fulfills.

Lemon Water, Cranwater, Detox Teas & Coffees with plant-based milks

Unlimited Grander Water


1. Cooking pulses and gluten-free grains from scratch - (bin the tin) many meals from one (crock)pot (how to use a slow cooker to make life easy)

2. Tofu and Tempeh - "The Food of a Thousand Flavours" say the Chinese, learn how to flavour and prepare these vegan fast food proteins

3. Sweet Toothe & Sugar Free - have some dinner with your pudding and a piece of raw chocolate after

Pomwater, Detox Teas & Coffees with plant-based milks

Unlimited Grander Water


Our Rooms

Each of our rooms has a character and beauty of its own. You are welcome to come on your own or bring a companion. The Broadway and Gretton rooms are fixed doubles, the other rooms can be configured as twins as required. 


Broadway - Ensuite


Sudeley - Ensuite

Toddington - Shared Bathroom

Gretton - Shared Bathroom


Isbourne - Wet Room


Our Prices

Includes accommodation, meals, Pilates, workshops and recipes. Excludes additional treatments.

3 Day Cookery Retreat Broadway & Sudeley
Toddington & Gretton
Shared Bathroom
Wet Room
Single Occupancy £857 £757 £657
Double Occupancy (pp) £728 £644 £558

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