1L Blue Grander Water

1L Blue Grander Water


The "original Grander® Blue Water" is a pure, high quality and microbacteriologically perfect drinking water - this has been further revitalized by Grander® Technology.

Grander Blue Water is great for your health or as an addition to any health programme.

What makes Grander® water unique is it's long shelf-life and revitalizing power. All this without the need for additives or any of the conventional methods used for stabilising bottled water.

The water is fully natural and has been left in it's natural state.


  • Pure bacteriologically clean drinking water

  • Energetically pure and highly structured water

  • Water is self purifying and remains fresh for years

  • Fully revitalised without addition of chemicals

  • Provides natural energy with just a capful in ordinary tap water

  • Provided in high quality 1 litre glass bottles

  • Matchless and peerless original Grander water

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