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Luxury All Inclusive Juice and Raw Food Detoxes

Dinner Parties & Cookery Retreats

Discover the Amazing Benefits of our Unique DNE Protocol

Best Wellness Experience

Best Wellness Experience


Our Unique DNE Protocol

Our approach is geared to getting you results by providing you with the best proven ingredients, recipes, treatments, organic hair and skincare products, techniques and technologies. We are a family run boutique juice and raw food detox retreat with a professional, loving and kind ambience – we care. Our unique DNE protocol will help you to DETOXIFY, NUTRIFY and ENERGISE.


Our Unique Juice Promise

We promise you PURITY
Our juices are 100% organic and undiluted

We promise you DIVERSITY
Alkaline juices made with a wide variety of ingredients

We promise you EXCELLENCE
Made with masticating juicers

We promise you INDIVIDUALITY
A juice protocol to suit your needs

Our Unique Offer

The Milestone Detox offers a variety of detox retreat programmes that are designed to help you achieve your short and longer term goals, including weight loss, increased energy, overcoming health challenges, renewed hope, an improved lifestyle and learning to love yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.

You will enjoy the rhythm that each retreat day offers - gently guiding you through a routine of daily Pilates exercise, inspiring workshops and drinking highly nutritional, healing and tasty vegetable juices, taken with supportive supplements. You will be pampered by excellent therapists and receive coaching and guidance from qualified juice and nutritional therapists in a very relaxing environment, as well as go for long walks in the infamous Cotswold countryside. You will be introduced to the very best of British organic food, body and home care products to encourage an ongoing detox lifestyle.


A Variety of Juice Detoxes

By removing the fibres and consuming organic fruits and vegetables in liquid form we allow our digestive system to rest and our bodies to heal.


Warm, Friendly and Expert Care

Pictured above is Helena Cavan, the founder of The Milestone Detox. We would love to introduce you to the rest of our wonderful detox team.


Immersive Raw Food Education

Plant based, whole, raw foods are rich in enzymes and nutrition, so you will eat less, have more energy, require less sleep and live longer.


Best New Business Awards 2018


In July 2018, Helena was awarded as runner up for Entrepreneur of the Year. 


Our Endorsements

David Wolfe.jpg

"Helena is the best ever, we feel heartfelt gratitude for our time here at The Milestone Detox in the magical Cotswolds. Thank you for the invitation and for so graciously hosting and supporting our events and team. I am so impressed by the great quality Grander water, the great quality service, and the number of great quality juices that I am inspired to come back! What a gift to have this experience. This place is amazing, from the accommodations, to the juices and meals, and amenities. The Milestone Detox has TRUE superhero status."
David 'Avocado' Wolfe


"I arrived on a Friday, burnt out and exhausted and left only on Sunday afternoon, a few pounds lighter and with a sense of optimism and with my mojo back!  Because Helena is so knowledgeable about all things holistic, I also come away each time with more simple strategies for holistic living that are easy to fit into my lifestyle."
- Janey Lee Grace

Lally's 5 Day Detox Experience

The true measure of our success can be seen and heard in the lifestyle changes and transformation reports that we receive from our clients, who having completed their own detox programmes, are now reaping the rewards and benefitting from the new habits and lifestyle improvements they chose to make as a result of their time with us.


Our TMD Manifesto

The Milestone Detox Manifesto is a beautifully presented statement of intentions. Our mission is to impact and transform your life through inspiring hands-on teaching as well as warm, friendly and expert care. We want you to be transformed so that you can transform the lives of others. 

Click here to download / print our Manifesto.