Luxury All Inclusive Juice and Raw Food Detox Retreats

Discover the Amazing Benefits of our Unique DNE Protocol


Our 4 Seasons Detox Schedule
The best time to detoxify your body is when the seasons change and that is when we run our all inclusive detox programmes. Below is our seasonal schedule.

15 April - 3 May  ●  Juicing
27 April - 29 April  ●  Raw Food Weekend

Summer 2018
10 June - 1 July  ●  Juicing
29 June - 1 July  ●  Raw Food Weekend

Autumn 2018
16 Sept - 7 October  ●  Juicing
5 - 7 October  ●  Raw Food Weekend

Winter 2018
4 - 18 November  ●  Juicing
16 - 18 November  ●  Raw Food Weekend


Our Unique DNE Protocol

Our approach is geared to getting you results by providing you with the best proven ingredients, recipes, treatments, organic hair and skincare products, techniques and technologies. We are a family run boutique juice and raw food detox retreat with a professional, loving and kind ambience – we care. Our unique DNE protocol will help you to DETOXIFY, NUTRIFY and ENERGISE.


Our Unique Juice Promise

We promise you PURITY
Our juices are 100% organic and undiluted

We promise you DIVERSITY
Alkaline juices made with a wide variety of ingredients

We promise you EXCELLENCE
Made with masticating juicers

We promise you INDIVIDUALITY
A juice protocol to suit your needs

Our Unique Offer


A Variety of Juice Detoxes

By removing the fibres and consuming organic fruits and vegetables in liquid form we allow our digestive system to rest and our bodies to heal.


Warm, Friendly and Expert Care

Pictured above is Helena Cavan, the founder of The Milestone Detox. We would love to introduce you to the rest of our wonderful detox team.


Immersive Raw Food Education

Plant based, whole, raw foods are rich in enzymes and nutrition, so you will eat less, have more energy, require less sleep and live longer.


Click here to see all published media articles and listen to Helena's recent radio interview. 

Lally's 5 Day Detox Experience


Our TMD Manifesto