"As a child, I loved to gently select petals from my mother’s flower borders and make “fruit salad” which I would extravagantly serve to my beloved dolls for a Teddy Bear’s picnic."

"I’m lucky my parents never said I had to be anything other than educated when I grew up, so I followed my heart and went to music college. Wouldn’t you know I met and married an Englishman in Seattle and shortly after, crossed the ocean to study music in London and here I still am, twenty-two years later with a mid-Atlantic accent!"

"Of course our path has not always been smooth nor obvious. We faced redundancy and disillusionment, setbacks and losses, but always found a way through - guided by passion - for life, light and all things healthy. Our path took us to the Cotswolds, where we unearthed a hidden gem which became our family home, raised our two fine children and ran our own software company."

- 12 Years On - 
"Jonathan is diagnosed with a rare genetic eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes tunnel vision and can cause blindness. His eyesight begins deteriorating rapidly and soon he can not drive anymore which brought changes that thrust us into a whole new life. We try to sell Milestone and take our children out of private schools. In the end, we realise Milestone has a purpose and we invest our savings to make it into luxury accommodation."

- September 2014 -
"My car kisses an agricultural truck and when I get home, from somewhere random and very deep within me, I say, “I need a break. I need to do a juice detox.” From somewhere equally random and deep within Jonathan, he immediately replies, 
“Helena! We can do that!” 
It was our lightbulb moment. And off we go to experience Juice Detox Retreats in the UK, coming back, comparing notes and agreeing, “We can do this WAY better!” We see that Milestone’s destiny is to be a boutique Cotswold detox centre." 

- October 2014 -
"Helena gets a text from her friend Sally who tells her she’s had a dream about her. She doesn’t tell her the dream until December 2014."

- November 2015 -
"A top branding agency designs the logo and Jonathan builds the new website. Together we write our detox dreams down, do tons of research and create a unique programme that is holistic, great value and all-inclusive."

- December 2015 -
"Sally finally tells Helena her dream: She dreamed that Jonathan and Helena had built a brand new centre. People were coming in from all around the world with all kinds of backgrounds - heads down, shoulders stooped and grey. She saw celebrities, politicians, young and old coming in. She then saw them leaving, full of light with bright and shiny faces and illuminated bodies." 

"Our first priority was to discover suppliers of locally grown organic produce to supplement what is grown in our own garden to make the most highly energised juices we possibly can. Imagine our EUREKA when we find a wholesale greenhouse organic farm only 3 miles away!"

"Convergence happens and we began to magnetise an amazing community of expertise around us. Helena meets David Wolfe, is introduced to the Rocking Raw Chef herself, Barbara Fernandez and Jonathan discovers quantum Austrian water technology, Grander. All specialist practitioners who shared our vision: Between them, they support and challenge us to create the best possible experiences and solutions for all our guests."


"Finally, as the early spring sunshine warmed us, we knew we were ready. We welcomed our first detox guests to Milestone in March 2015 and since then we have been inspiring hundreds of people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives, adding great tasting raw food and juices to their lifestyles."

"When life hands you lemons, make lemon juice! Those petals of my childhood have now been replaced with organic fruit and vegetables, but my passion to nurture and care for people still remains at the heart of who I am and what I do."


"We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose the frame we put around what happens. As a family, we have faced our adversities and are making our dreams come true. I’m not afraid to face anybody’s toxins because I have faced my own. This gives me a quiet, inner strength."

The Milestone Detox Limited, Milestone, Greet Road, Greet, GL54 5BG England
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The Milestone Detox Limited, Milestone, Greet Road, Greet, GL54 5BG England
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