Local Places of Interest

There are some wonderful places to visit whilst you are with us, here are just a few – all within a 10 minute drive:


Sudeley Castle - The final resting place of Catherine Parr, surviving wife of King Henry VIII, is just minutes away in Winchcombe. 


Hailes Abbey was the destination of many a pilgrim before it was razed to the ground by Henry the VIII in 1539. The reason why so many people made the pilgrimage to Hailes was because it claimed to have a vial of Christ’s blood bought in Germany in 1270. As it turned out, when opened at Hampton Court Palace by King Henry III in front of a company of Bishops, it was found to be saffron mixed with honey. 


Stanway Manor boasts the tallest gravity fed water fountain in Europe, set in beautiful gardens and the ‘hidden’ village of Stanway – only 5 minutes drive from The Milestone Detox.


The picturesque and famous town of Broadway, known for it’s shopping and Cotswoldiness.

Cotswold Way 2.jpg

Walking along the Cotswolds Way.


If you are with us in Spring, we will explore the stunning bluebell woods at nearby Dumbleton.


Belas Knap, the ancient burial mound on the Cotswolds Way. It’s 5,000 years old which is older than the pyramids in Egypt. Enjoy the great views as you ascend the hill through ancient woods and open pasture.


Winchcombe is precisely 1 mile away from Milestone on foot and clients enjoy browsing through the one-off shops and antique markets. There is a 'mile stone' in the hedge at Milestone, hence the name of the property.