Meet the Team


Helena and Jonathan Cavan - The founders and directors who had the vision of turning their former home into a healing retreat centre.


Fiona Layzell-Williams - Our lead massage and beauty therapist as well as a morning House Manager. Fiona's treatments have been voted "best ever" by many of our clients who reportedly have experienced excellent treatments all over the world and find her massages and facials "outstanding".


Liz O'Sullivan-Hall - Our lead colonic therapist and well-experienced after 18 years doing colonic irrigation. There are few stories Liz hasn't heard nor few things she hasn't seen, her wit and humour keep everyone well entertained on the couch. Her background as a nurse and midwife make her very knowledgeable about medical as well as natural healing practises.


Nicola Grant - Our evening house manager who is only more than happy to serve and ensure that you are feeling well and happy. She has a huge heart which resonates with great compassion, making her a safe person to have around.


Sarah Cannon - Our juicer extraordinaire, Sarah makes delicious juices according to TMD protocols of greens and vegetables, making things tasty with little or no sugar from fruit.


Jonathan Smithies - Our digital consultant and technical wizard, Jonathan manages the website, oversees the online booking process, and is responsible for in-house design and photography.