Blue Monday, Dry Monday


Today is known as Blue Monday because it’s meant to be the most depressing day of the year. The post-Christmas credit card bills have come in, the weather isn’t brilliant and it’s Monday. Do you feel depressed? Perhaps it’s time to book yourself something special to look forward to – soul food, raw food, a session with a personal trainer or Pilates teacher…

On Saturday we went as a family, with a client/friend to the RSC in Stratford to see the last showing of The Tempest. We booked it during a detox last Spring and had been looking forward to it all year! IBM worked with the RSC to create a holographic fury and it was extraordinary, to say the least. It’s very special to work in a business where clients become friends and friends become clients. All of us in TMD team detox feel so lucky to spend time with each of you when you come because we learn so much from you and feel so moved to help you in the very best way we can, according to your specific needs and character.

Depression and Dehydration

Have you found it less easy to drink glasses of water this month? I have! I boil the kettle and top up the cold glass with hot water to make it warm, actually. But did you know that there’s a link between depression and dehydration? Maybe today should be called Dry Monday! One of my favourite authors, the late Dr Batman (his nickname) talks about it in his book – click here.

As the brain and muscles are at least 75% water, when the body becomes chronically dehydrated, the last places allowed to be depleted of water are the vital organs. And when these begin to suffer, don’t we know about it! Ouch!!

Unimaginable amounts of water flow through our bodies every 24 hours – about 2,000L of water flow through the kidney and 1,400L through the human brain, roughly 1000ml every 60 seconds! Water is the building material, solution, transportation and coolant of our bodies. A fluid loss of only 2% leads to a performance drop of up to 20%.


Here’s the formula: Drink half your body weight in ounces daily.

So if you weigh 200lbs, drink 100oz per day.

What does that equate to?
Divide 100oz by a 16oz glass = 6.25 16oz glasses required per day
a 16oz glass is about 500mls so divide 6.25 by 2 to get the number of litres you need =
3.13L of water required per day for a 200lb person

What counts as water? Water and all the detox and alkaline teas and drinks!

Yes, I do have people who’ve come saying, “I hate water.” But after drinking our Grander water, taking in the juices, watching their skin begin to glow and feeling more vitality, they leave transformed and ready to drink as never before! One chap decided to add a couple of drops of stevia to his daily litres of water. Another lady adds mint leaves, or cucumber slices, or lemon/lime slices. Brilliant. Those things all alkalise the water as well as add flavour to it.

When you come on a Milestone Detox, the first thing I do is stand you on a simple set of scales and take a look at your hydration level. Do yourself a favour – click here to get yourself a set of these scales and find out where you’re at! “There’s no management without measurement!” If you’ve been on our programme, how is your hydration doing? Have you checked it lately?

Hydration isn’t just about drinking water. 
One client shared her concerns after hearing a story of someone who drank too much water and harmed themselves. Yes! It’s true. In order for your body to absorb the water you do drink, it needs electrolytes – which is a collective term for minerals that your body needs in order to facilitate cellular hydration. Namely: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphate and chloride. If you flood the system without these, you can cause an electrolyte imbalance, which isn’t comfortable at all!

So when you drink juice from freshly pressed produce, you not only gain the water from all the ingredients, but you also gain all the minerals and vitamins along with it – enabling maximum absorption. So you’re covered! Hydration – tick. Nutrition – tick.

In addition, we always take Omega 3 Linseed Oil capsules with all our coloured juices to enable the colours to be “fixed” into the system, again, helping the body to absorb the water and the goodness in the juices.

So on this Blue Monday, let’s raise a glass of water together. Let’s count ten things to be grateful for and drink ourselves to hydration-happiness.

Helena Cavan