The May Manifesto

The Milestone Detox Manifesto

The Milestone Detox Manifesto

It’s the peak of early summer, the Chelsea Flower show is now in full swing and the sun in England is SHINING! How are you doing? Are you shining? I feel like I am, as I get so excited about all these things and was in Heaven on Earth all day at the Chelsea Flower show on Tuesday!

At Christmas, I began to write down everything I keep finding myself saying in the detox to clients. Later, I put it all into one box and rolled out our ‘TMD Manifesto’ which I now give to each client when they come for the first time and that you can see above.

What is a manifesto, you may ask?
“a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

Well, I’m certainly not launching an election nor asking for votes! Our manifesto is simply a declaration of intentions, aspirations, wisdom and common sense truth.

Have you ever thought about what your own personal manifesto might be? What do you stand for? Have you ever paused to think about what your “No’s” and “Yes’s” are?

This week, I want you to start thinking about this question: what do you say no to and what do you say yes to when it comes time for what you put into your mouth and onto your body?

Helena Cavan