Make Every Calorie Count

TMD Manifesto quote

TMD Manifesto quote

When was the last time you had a good clear out? With any shift of season, it’s natural to clear out cupboards, eliminate piles and create space for what’s coming ahead. Detoxing your home, your body, your relationships, your inbox, your shed or your garage is as much about clearing out the less-needed as it is about creating space for the good that’s coming.

As I’ve mentioned to you before, I grew up with parents who like to hoard stuff. It’s not very nice being surrounded by piles of someday-useful-things but that was our household’s norm.

As soon as the school holidays began, I was tackling the piles in the house room-by-room; making places to put things away, filling the bin and endlessly sorting and consolidating. Is it any wonder that I run a detox centre today? Helping to rid the unnecessary seems to be part of my DNA!

When I go home to my parents now, I still try to clear a bit here and there for them but it actually takes a LONG time to get through stuff. I didn’t actually realise that hoarding was a ‘thing’ until this year, after I visited them, I watched a Hoarders programme on YouTube afterwards (for the first time). I sadly identified my childhood home with those on the programme. I identified the shame that accompanies accumulation-to-the-point-of-isolation. As a result, I’m not overwhelmed by messes that need to be sorted – materially, emotionally or physically.

With great patience, time, skill and expertise, most things can get sorted. The body is the same. If you give it the support and ingredients to do the job, it will sort itself out. I’ve learned to value and keep what matters: quality over quantity.

As we’re all taking calories in every day, why not make them excellent ones?! Tasty calories, nutritious calories, energy-giving calories – why waste our stomach’s limited real estate on things which are just not useful to the body?

Calories found in soft-drinks, squashes, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars and salts, cigarettes and vapes, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are empty. Every now and then, these things won’t kill you. Even once a week your body may cope. But daily? No. If you take these things in daily, your body will hoard the toxins somehow – it may look like cellulite, fat, manifest as low energy, mood or ill health. Shame often accompanies these accumulations, we may feel less confident and less enthusiastic about being around others.

Are you ready to let go? If so, now’s the time. Book your detox today and let us help you through the process of letting go. Whether that is emotional or physical, we would love to support you and believe it or not, it’s our job and we all love what we do! Whether that’s Fiona helping to clear the lymphatic system in a massage or Liz helping to clear the gut in a colonic or myself helping clear things emotionally/spiritually in a Liebust. Our holistic approach makes everything count and counts for everything. Book your detox today!

Helena Cavan