Summer Holiday (Travel) 5 Minute Breakfast


Happy Summer, can you believe it’s August now already?! Are you going on holiday this month?

I’m in Rhodes now and thought I’d quickly share a little travel breakfast strategy with you. I’m staying with a friend-of-a-friend and guessed she’d have a blender. She does!

I brought three small packets that I picked up at Wholefoods for travelling:
1. Hemp Seeds 2. Maca Powder 3. Chia Seeds


By putting 1/3 hemp seeds into the blender and topping up with 2/3 water, you can make an instant milk (no nuts to soak) within a minute (no straining required). Add 1 generous teaspoon of maca (for taste AND energy), a spoon of cinnamon (from my host’s cupboard) and zizz it again. Sorted.

Soak the chia seeds in water whilst blending the hemp milk (to fluff them up) and then add the maca/cinnamon/hemp milk to cream it up and loosen the texture. The chia porridge keeps me satisfied for about 3.5-4 hours.

Both the hemp milk and chia seeds are high in Omega 3’s.

Not only are these Omegas going to help the brain but they’ll also help the cells hold on to the copious amounts of water I’m drinking on the beach!

Please try this at home – or on holiday! Quick, easy, tasty, SUPER nutritious – what more do you need?

Helena Cavan