Letter from America 4/5 – Climbing Mountains

Yesterday, I drove a pass from eastern to western Washington over the Cascade Mountains. We came up behind Mt Rainier at sunset and this is what I found.


This view took me by complete surprise! As we drove up, up, up, then down, down, down (ears popping on the up then on the down), I thought of you and the journey we are on towards sustainable wellness and vitality.

We all have to get around our mountain eventually, don’t we? Being stuck on the wrong side of our goals sucks. In the Cascades, there are at least 4 different passes and we were limited which we could use yesterday due to forest fires.

I think of the Israelites on their journey from Egypt to Canaan and how many times they circled around the same mountains for forty years, wanting to get to their promised land.

What does it take to get “there”, friend? To enter our promised land?

A pass.

A way.

Preferably, a paved route previously travelled.

It was easy for me to get over White’s Pass because we drove in convoy – my Dad at the front, my sister in the middle and me in my red hire car in the rear. I didn’t have to think about where I was going – just had to keep a safe distance and follow – so easy. (We only slowed down to a near stop once to let the wild turkeys safely cross the road – I’d not seen them before and they’re HUGE! Just like the stereo-typical Thanksgiving pictures with the Pilgrims and Indians!)

We are now living in the age of information where you can look anything up and find out more than you ever imagined about ANYthing, but sometimes the advice is conflicting, confusing, anecdotal… Clients often come reporting how confused they feel about nutrition because one day the papers report the goodness of a thing and the next, report the badness of the very same thing!

So, not only do we have to get over and around our own issues, but we have to figure out and choose which path we will take to get us to the other side.

My therapist sister has been working with suicidal people for a few years now and told me that before she gets into any details she always asks three questions, because often, a change in state will happen on the back of addressing these three things:

1. How much have you slept?
2. How much water have you drunk?
3. When and what did you last eat?

1. Fresh air
2. Exercise
3. Water
4. Rest
5. Abstain from toxicity
6. Nutrition
7. Sunshine
8. Trust & Love


Here’s Skyrocket road past my parents house and it goes on for miles and miles through rolling wheat fields.

Think of the road that you’re on, then think of the road you want to be on. Consider where you are right now and where you’d like to be with your health and wellness.

If you’re not on the healthy-lifestyle road, let us help you! It’s not as difficult as it may seem. You may just need to learn a few new meals, get to know a few new ingredients and what to do with them, or be inspired and encouraged to try something new. Whatever next-step you’re ready to take, we’re here to help.

Everyday now, I’m getting post-detox emails from clients with reports such as this one:

“On your advice I have cut out caffeine, gluten, dairy and alcohol and am going to keep it up for as long as possible.

I am back to sprouting and dehydrating and putting our bounteous crop of spinach to good use in the juicer. It’s fun!

In the last day or so I have noticed that my skin is far less dry. Perhaps due to the Linseed oil tablets I have been taking or maybe as a result of the detox.”

And this one:
“I know how busy you are but thought I’d update you since my stay with you. We continue with our socialising and eating out but on the days at home both my husband and I have adopted a vegetarian healthy eating programme mainly based on your recipes and Raw Food book. I lost 6lbs during my detox with you and have lost a further 7lbs since. I also purchased the Ozerie scales so am able to monitor the changes, hydration levels up and fat content down. All a great success so I thank you for enabling me to make changes to our lifestyle for the better.” 

Helena Cavan