Water for Dodgy Tummies

How was your weekend? We had our raw food weekend and as usual, “yummed” our way through the days, eating ourselves to happy fullness but still feeling light and easy!

In one corporate lady’s check-in this weekend, we were discussing how she could drink more water at work and came up with a great plan so here it is.

If you have, or can get, a 1L thermos flask, slice a thumb-sized piece of ginger up very thinly, and fill the flask with boiling water. (You may add some fresh turmeric slices too.) Drink this ginger water throughout the day and you’ll find that the pleasant ginger flavour will make drinking water easy but the added benefits of ginger will help in other ways too! Ginger has anti-nausea properties so if you’re feeling queasy, Ginger’s your friend. You can continue to top of the water in the flask throughout the day too as the ginger will continue to release its goodness.


Ginger is one of my 3 “kill-alls” as it can kill much of what’s trying to kill you! It’s anti-just-about-everything properties form a very long list but one of ginger’s primary benefits this time of year is as an antihistamine – so it helps with hayfever, allergies and asthma. If you take it in more concentrated doses such as in a ginger shot (the ka-POW moment of the day), it may take up to 3 months before you notice a difference but once “uploaded” it may significantly reduce your hayfever symptoms.

Ginger shot:
1 apple (any size)
1 chunk of ginger 1/3 the size of apple

Juice and drink. OR
Put in your nutribullet or blender and blitz well then squeeze out through a muslin or nutmilk bag and drink. (You can eat it straight with the fibre as a sort of ginger applesauce if you like too.)

I gave a talk at the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival this Saturday and had a blast entertaining the audience with relevant information and shocking revelations (gotta keep them engaged!). They all got their calculators out and I lead them through the formula of figuring out how much they needed to drink every day. The look of surprise and shock on people’s faces from the front was very apparent as I could see the truth dawning that they were not drinking anywhere near to what their bodies needed. So I blessed them to go and drink water!

Several people came into the tent with pints of beer so I opened the talk by announcing that as a company, we run a NO JCB policy – within the team towards each other but also toward our clients.

No JCB means:
No Judgement, No Criticism, No Blame

So I didn’t mind them having their beer and listening in as it made me happy that they were there!

So this week, try making some ginger water and see how you get on with it. In addition, think about applying a NO JCB policy in your life – firstly towards yourself, then towards others. It keeps life REALLY simple and happy when JCB isn’t on your grid.

Have a great week!

Helena Cavan