Hangover Helpers - The 5 TMD Tips

This week I've been reminded of Seattle drizzle and why Seattle's Best Coffee and Starbucks were conceived in such weather!

We are believing that these April Showers will bring an explosion of flowers in May so let's watch this British space with hope, despite the soggy days.

We kick off detoxes this Sunday and as usual, are very excited for all the new things we will be sharing as we continue to grow and develop. We now have a reflexologist offering treatments and we'll be incorporating a regular essential oils workshop, as well as an introduction to some very important supplements to help combat alcohol intake.

Many of you will have the occasional drink so I've put together the following info pack to give you some tips about what you can do for yourself (and your friends, if you're hosting the party) to fortify yourself when you drink alcohol. I'll be teaching some ACV (apple cider vinegar) cocktails in detox workshops, as well, but you can also email me for ideas. 

Alcohol, as you know, is a highly addictive, acidic and toxic substance. However, it has been served at celebratory rituals and festive occasions long before Jesus turned the water into wine. Whilst some people choose to be T-total, others may be celebratory or occasion drinkers. For many, it has become a toxic habit.

Researchers say that the ability to break down alcohol likely helped human ancestors make the most out of rotting, fermented fruit that fell onto the forest floors. One model for the evolution of alcohol consumption suggests that ethanol only entered the human diet after people began to store extra food, potentially after the advent of agriculture, and that humans subsequently developed ways to intentionally direct the fermentation of food about 9,000 years ago.

As a toxin, alcohol depletes the body of important vitamin and mineral stores, as well as increasing acidity. So if you know you will be drinking alcohol, by taking certain supplements, you can support your body and minimise damage.

Throwing a Party? Be radical and help your friends by having a HANGOVER HELPER corner of the bar where they can be served one each of the following at the beginning and end of the celebration.

  1. Magnesium Citrate (Cytoplan) - Alcohol acts as a magnesium diuretic; it leads to a forceful increase in the urinary excretion of magnesium.

  2. Super-B Complex (Synergy Company) - Alcohol flushes vitamin B, especially B12, from your system.  Regular use may lead to B12 deficiency.

  3. pHour Salts, or bicarbonate of soda (Young pHorever) - Increases alkalinity and helps your body to gain and maintain an optimal pH. Contains a wide variety of salts and minerals which the body needs to perform all of its functions.

  4. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktails - (Braggs or any other raw ACV with “the mother”) - Diluted and mixed with cayenne or other spices.

  5. Fresh Turmeric and Grapefruit Juice - The all-time liver healing juice.

Helena Cavan