The "David Wolfe" Water Challenge

David’s UK base is The Milestone Detox. He stays with us when hosting conferences in the UK.  We know that David loves harvesting natural spring water, so Helena drove an hour to the Malvern Hills and brought back some MALVERN spring water. As you may know we use an amazing Austrian water technology called GRANDER. We decided to have some fun and see if David could tell the difference. 

Watch the video to see the results...


Helena Cavan with David Wolfe at The Milestone Detox

Helena Cavan with David Wolfe at The Milestone Detox

Who is David Wolfe and how did we meet him?

Growing up as the son of two medical doctors, he is the author of best-selling books and appears in a number of films on natural health and nutrition. He delivers a synthesis of his research on natural and healthy living at his seminars worldwide, and he consults some of the world’s top CEOs, celebrities and athletes. David is a master of revealing root causes of diseases and addressing them with superfoods, herbal remedies and holistic medicines. 

We met David at his London conference in 2013 where we connected over our mutual passion for health and longevity. As a result we were inspired to set up The Milestone Detox, and have been friends with David ever since. 


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