CALL HELENA +44 (0) 1242 374084 
CALL HELENA +44 (0) 1242 374084 
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Experience Our Unique ‘DNE Protocol’™

Our approach is geared to getting you results by using the best proven ingredients, recipes, treatments, techniques and technologies. We are a family run boutique spa with a professional, loving and kind ambience – we care. Our unique DNE protocol will help you to DETOXIFY, NUTRIFY and ENERGISE into the 'new you' in just a few days. We have limited availability and are very popular so please act fast if you are ready to book!
Life Transformation From £450 To £2,387
I know that lasting transformation must be from the outside in and the inside out and we do both very well! Juicing combined with exercise, full spectrum infrared sauna and hydro-colonic sessions provide the deepest cleanse you can get for your body. In addition, we have other proven treatments and use top-of-the-range luxury products that will help re-balance your skin and hair, body, mind and emotions too. Together with educational videos and talks, you will be empowered to be transformed for life.

Choose from a starter Detox weekend to rest and reboot or a longer 3-day stay if you have more time. If you want to address some health issues or need a longer break and deeper cleanse I recommend a 5 or 7-day stay.

You deserve the best and our mission is to be the best, helping you to be the best you that you can be. How do we do that? Quite simply, by taking care of you so you can be empowered to become your own best caretaker. 

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Over 95% of our clients have rated us as excellent on Tripadvisor we really appreciate everyone of our clients and look forward to providing you with a most excellent experience if you choose to come and stay.
“One couple on a recent 3 day Juice Detox lost a combined 14 inches (arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs) but gained 3% muscle mass! Nutrition and education are our primary aims but inch-loss and muscle gain are great by-products! ”
Weight Loss
“I have just finished the 7 Day Detox and I can’t recommend it enough. My goal going into the detox was to just loose weight and I lost 5 lbs, but I came away with so much more. Helena is full of knowledge which she is brilliant at getting across to you. Breaking complicated nutritional advice down into something everyone can understand. The days passed very quickly as we went from one treatment to another, one exercise class to another. All included in the price, something most detox retreats DON’T do! Everyone working with Helena was super experienced and super nice. The juices were delicious and I was never once hungry. The Cotswolds are so beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed our walking trips in and around the area along with our visits to places of local interest. I loved every minute of my stay at The Milestone Detox and feel that with Helena’s help I am set up to change my eating habits and my life for the better through knowledge she has given me. I feel totally inspired! THANK YOU!” – Fiona W.

Disease Management
If you have Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 or Cancer and would like to learn how to better manage your diet we can help. We will provide you with a naturopathic nutritionist consultation and then implement a specifically tailored programme recommended for you. During your stay you can expect to see great results, learn a lot and be empowered to better look after yourself with confidence when you return home.
Sue was with us for 7 days and her blood sugar numbers reduced from 19 to 7 during her stay…and two months later were stable and in the normal range. John was with us for 7 days then returned for a raw food weekend. His blood sugar numbers reduced from 11 to 5 or less and his prostate cancer numbers reduced from over 500 to 87.
The Milestone Detox
Non residential guests welcome for the Juice Detox and the Raw Food Immersion call for pricing
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Speaking Engagements
Helena has been invited to speak at many events regionally, nationally and on radio. If you would like to book Helena to speak at your event please contact Helena

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