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Paulina S        Reviewed 22 February 2018

Great way to reset the system

I stayed for a bronze juice detox weekend - I left feeling healthy and completely relaxed. It was a great way to reset both body and mind. Helena and her team are extremely genuine and welcoming and take every opportunity to share their knowledge.

deehfour Bath, United Kingdom        Reviewed 15 February 2018

Juice detox

Milestone detox gives you a very enjoyable experience whilst keeping you from the temptations of the outside! You are sent away with the tools to carry on At Home. My 2 day detox was packed full with everything I wanted! Walking along the Cotswold way and some yoga/Pilates and lots more. Very informative, enlightening talks and the most wonderful raw food cookery demonstrations that I used as soon as I got home! For me, I wanted a quick detox boost and needed a few more ideas. Helena who runs this centre is the most wonderful lady who looks after you in every way. If you can do the 5 day course you should, you will leave feeling motivated and cherished!

WhiteBear2014 Ripon, United Kingdom        Reviewed 14 February 2018

A week to remember

Have just returned from a week at Milestone Detox retreat where Helena and her team work tirelessly to ensure your stay is as comfortable and productive as possible, the customer care is second to none, you are made to feel extremely special and your individual needs are paramount. The surroundings are a delight, the detox programme is supported by interesting and varied workshops and the staff seem to have all the time in the world for you while maintaining a professional approach. For anyone thinking of some time out for themselves I would highly recommend this beautiful retreat where you leave feeling refreshed, re-energised,re focused and rebuilt! Thank you Helena it was truly wonderful!

Tim T        Reviewed 9 February 2018

Amazing Experience

Have had an amazing week with time to focus on my health and well-being. Leaving better balanced, focused and full of energy! Definitely becoming an annual event for me.

James240118 Birmingham, United Kingdom        Reviewed 26 January 2018

Raw Food Dinner Party

I really enjoyed my Raw Food Dinner at The Milestone Detox. Helena was the perfect host. Every dish as tasty and nutritious as the last. Good company in relaxed surroundings. I left that evening feeling happy, content and nourished! An ideal way to finish the day.

KT_kaytkay Derby, United Kingdom        Reviewed 18 September 2017

Absolutely Brill! The start of my next century of life

This was a kick start for me in the run up my 50th and also a wedding to go to, so I wanted to lose some weight, but also feel better. Illl skip rightto the results! Unbelievable.I lost half a stone in just 4 days - and not water I hear some say.Most was fat which through the green juices, the specialist sauna, and Milestone Detox manifesto and all natural methods; this was why. Ive been on a boot camp before and lost nothing, but the education and evidence presented here on my detox was life transforming. I'm a week back at home and still losing at a healthy pace, and following most of the lifefstyle changes I've learnt, and will continue to incorporate these into my lifestyle going forwards. The accommodation and surroundings also added to this great experience. All in all, it was money well spent (I'd have probably spent the same on faddy diets and personal training in the long run and still not got anywhere near the results). Thank you so much Helena!

683shereenf Greater London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 10 June 2017

5 days detox followed by raw food weekend

Amazing experience. Amazing food. Even lovelier team. I'm going to miss this place. The idea of detoxing is scary but necessary. The education here is amazing why your doing everything is explained clearly the options for additional treatments are superb. All amazing professionals.

Iona L        Reviewed 27 May 2017

The most revitalising, interesting and informing weekend ever!!!

A truly eye opening experience! Would recommend to anyone and everyone especially those who are looking to relax, be informed, and repair ones self from top to toe.
The milestone house itself was beautiful with a homy feel. Room well presented, comfortable bed (slept like a baby!), wonderful spots to chill with a great selection of books and dvd's. The daily walks in the Cotswold countryside was a breath of fresh air.
There's really no time to feel bored as they offer all sorts of treatments from Indian Head Massage to facials, using all natural products.
Helena the women who runs it is one of the incredible people i've ever meet, she's so dedicated to helping others and staying at The Milestone was truly healing.

Dia748        Reviewed 24 May 2017

An Amazingly Beautiful One Stop Shop

The advert is and website is a true reflection of Milestone. I had all the treatment on location, lymphatic massage, colonics, PEMF, Infared Sauna etc. All you need to take is yourself and your clothing, all prodcuts were given including a robe. Juices were made for you and workshops on hair and skin detox, with daily clay or wheatgrass face masks. Whether it is juicing or raw food. Whatever your needs they will work with you and get you on a path to wholeness. There is also pilates exercise at 8:00 in the morning half an hr and one hr sessions alternate days. There is also a gym session with personal trainer. Walks half an hr every other morning and two to three cotswold walks of the area 4.5 and 5.5 mile walks on alternate days. Amazing. The garden was beautiful, overlooking the steam train rail line. I enjoyed the swing and the out door trampoline. You can do additional treatments like hair, pedicure, manicure, other massages at an additional cost. There were salt baths alternate days of Epsom salt and Magnesium Flakes. The rooms are very lovely. I stayed in The Isbourne Room which has a shared wet room which is its only draw back especially if you want to stay in your room and you are on a juice diet. But there are several other bathrooms on the other side to meet those needs and you have access to the sauna at late night or early in the morning. It is the budget room, lots of storage, stunning view of garden and the streets on the other side. You have the privacy all by yourself at night, so I could play my music and rest assured I was not interrupting anyone, while there are treatments in progress, the area can be busy, but you can stay in your room if you desire. The wet room outside of treatment times is exclusive to you but during treatment its biggest draw back as stated above. After my colonic tretament I was advised to take more lineed tablets per day to increase my water absorption and bowle moments. I can say after 6 days I lose 11 pounds and my water level went up by over 7%. Thank you to every one, I would definitely recommend this palce and would go again. It was an amazing encounter, with personalised treatment.

Ingridvd Brussels, Belgium        Reviewed 19 April 2017

Truly A Life Transforming Experience!

I stayed at the Milestone Detox for a 5 days juicing + 2 days raw food week. The Milestone house is a beautiful place to stay for a detox. Helena and her team know how to offer a high standard and very personal detox, making every minute amazing. I found deep rest at the Milestone and left full of energy and with a long list of tips and recipes for a healthier and more energetic life. The next day at home, I made a completely different shopping list and I now look at food in the shops with totally different eyes, searching for non-processed high nutrient and energy food. Helena's recipes are easy to make and absolutely tasty! I already tried some of the recipes at home and even my most critical friends fell in love with the raw food dishes. The Milestone Detox is truly life transforming!

Megababez M        Reviewed 5 April 2017

Wonderful peaceful and nutritional retreat

This lived up to expectations. The premises were beautiful with tastefully decorated rooms. The juices were great tasting and Helena customised them for my particular health needs. At no point during my 4 day stay was I hungry. At the start I shared my goals which were met by the end of the stay.

Staff were very helpful and knowledgable too, running some of the workshops and treatments. Helena's workshops were very informative, I certainly learnt some new recipes and busted some misconceptions about food.

Jonathan took us for great walks and we had wonderful weather for them. The Cotswolds are truly beautiful.

My room was newly opened and in the annexe, the sauna and colonic clinic room were also in the annexe. However, access to the only bathroom in the annexe when colonics were taking place was an issue, as people's needs following colonic was urgent. So I felt I needed to keep it free and had to go over to the main house. Also people having used the sauna at the same time as the colonic clinic was in progress could find they needed to vacate the only bathroom, post sauna,if a colonic client needed the toilet urgently. This did not impact negatively on my stay but I would like the owners to be aware as others may not be as accommodating as me.

I would definitely return and am interested in the raw food weekends.

suman53 St Albans, United Kingdom        Reviewed 3 April 2017

An uplifting and revitalising experience

I have just had the most incredible stay at The Milestone. The staff are knowledgeable and nurturing. I went feeling overwhelmed by my health issues - and have come away with a plan and optimism. I cant thank the marvellous Helena and her team enough. Suman xxx

luludemm London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 1 April 2017

A piece of Heaven in the Cotswolds

Milestone is a discreet boutique Detox run from a lovely country house in the midst of the beautiful Cotswolds. From the moment you arrive and all through your stay, you are made to feel so welcome, loved, cared for and 'at home' by Helena and her wonderful team.

There are a range of courses to chose from, whether it is a delicious, fascinating and educational raw food weekend or a weekend/week detox programme. Activities can include a range of natural therapies, an MOT with a skilled Naturopath, massage, colonics, Pilates, saunas, raw food demonstrations, face masks, Lie-busting, educational talks and films, walks or shopping in the pretty local village of Winchcombe. There is also time to rest, 'smell the roses' and enjoy the experience.

Whether your visit is a one-off or you are a regular, everyone is made to feel part of the family. I have been a regular for a few months due to a health challenge and value the benefits of the same experienced therapists who I now know and who know me.

During my visits I have met interesting guests of all ages and backgrounds, internationals, locals and celebs, who have been educated, encouraged and detoxed by the Milestone experience!

I would highly recommend The Milestone Detox oasis to friends, families, couples, business contacts, singles, for Hen parties, groups and all who have an interest in improving their natural health, wellbeing and lifestyle, in a professional, caring and personal environment.

Enjoy :)
Lulu deMM

JHBrown0864 Lincoln, United Kingdom        Reviewed 30 March 2017

Lifechanging Experience

Mum and I came to Milestone Detox for the 'Raw Food Weekend' March 3rd-5th and it was a life changing experience for us. The combination of carefully prepared beautiful raw food, supplements and treatments to gently encourage our bodies to detox had a profound effect on us. I started to detox straight away, an experience I was unprepared for because of the dense headache and sickness that I felt, but it was sobering and liberating at the same time to realise that my body had been holding on to a toxic load that it could not get rid of. The detox process facilitated that release and I felt incredible, especially after the colonic.

As a healthy person with no issues at all, this was an important turning point for me: I came to Milestone looking for keys to support my general health and that of my family and I really did learn that my body needed help, along with the means to do so. Helena taught us about every meal we ate, starting with watching each meal being prepared by her in the kitchen, providing us with the recipes for all meals and detailed information about the ingredients. Talk about superfoods, this was the supercharged download to equip us for the rest of our lives! I cannot speak highly enough of this 'immersive' experience. The PEMF mat, the grounding sheets, Chi machine, Infra-Red Sauna, tongue scraping played their own part in our time apart to detox and recharge the batteries. My Mum has damaged nerves in the soles of her feet (from a bad sunburn years ago) and has always suffered stabbing pains through the night hours. No pain at all as she slept on the grounding sheet. Amazing. Also, her heavy medication requires her to also take daily Omeprazole (the prescription-only 'king of antacids'). On arrival at Milestone she was dismayed to realise it was not in her bag. The incredible thing is, she did not experience any acid reflux or heartburn at all while on the raw food diet. That is huge.

Helena and her team are friendly, professional and kind. They come around you to teach, inspire and gently guide you through a detox process. I can't speak highly enough of them.

The biggest surprise of all for us is that on our return home, coming out of the supported environment of Milestone Detox, we have never gone back to our old way of eating. We hoped to find a few keys and insights to live a more healthy life but came home totally empowered to make massive changes that we WANT to make. I'll be honest, I went to Milestone and in my heart said 'I do not want to give up coffee' because I love it and only drank it in moderation anyway. I can't explain this but just 3 days of Milestone affected a change in my body such that I totally lost the desire for caffeine. I just don't want to drink it. We bought decaffeinated tea, drink a little of it, but are so busy drinking our water and other interesting juices that the need for tea/coffee has all but gone.

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to honour Milestone for a sea-change in the direction my family is going. We are all eating a nearly vegan diet, as much raw food as we can, love the raw recipes, are hanging around the gluten free and health sections in the supermarket, are daily making nut milk, oat milk, and getting excited when we discover a fab new recipe that we KNOW will do us good.

I would say that Milestone empowered me to understand my own body and the food I need to eat for life, literally to be full of LIFE. There's no way we could have achieved such a shift without the time at Milestone. We saved ferociously to be able to go, but the expense was worth every single penny. If I were you, I'd get booked in before there's no space left this year. That day is coming.

We feel immensely grateful for and empowered by the whole experience. Thank you Helena and Jonathan, God Bless You

jamesY99AR Greater London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 12 March 2017

5 Day Detox, 5-10 March 2017

This was an incredible experience. We've just returned feeling fantastic, rejuvenated and nurtured. The accommodation and surroundings were luxurious with professional staff, fantastic treatments and more delicious organic juices than we knew existed. With educational talks and nightly films, daily pilates, walks in the countryside, and so much more...... The whole package was more than we could have hoped for, and we'll definitely be back. Do your body and mind a big favour, do not hesitate, just go!

James and Leila

Jackie P Kent, United Kingdom        Reviewed 7 February 2017

Raw Food Weekend

Had a wonderful and relaxing weekend at Milestone - Tried lots of new foods and also learned so much too about healthy nutrition - Thought I may have been hungry while there but that was definitely not the case. Helena was a wonderful host and works very hard too and it was a pleasure to see her prepare the food we were about to eat - she is very knowledgable too and can answer all sorts of questions about nutrition amongst other health related issues. I felt very welcome and comfortable and enjoyed meeting the other guests and learning from their experience as well. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to eat a more healthy diet.

REH77 Oxford, United Kingdom        Reviewed 12 December 2016

Fantastic Place to Detox and Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle

I attended a 2 day Juice Detox, from the moment I arrived I was made to feel very welcome. I knew what I was in store for as a very informative pack arrived in my in box well ahead of my actual stay. Yes, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you've never done it before but Helena and her amazing team will guide and nurture you through it every step of the way. There is no pressure to do everything but I'd really encourage you to try the things offered to gain the maximum benefit. I wanted to kick start a healthier lifestyle. I was putting on weight, drinking too much and felt burnt out. You can pack a lot into 2 days and from the moment I arrived we got to work. I felt pampered and relaxed by the end of my 2 days and was nearly 4lbs lighter. I never felt hungry and was fascinated by all the alternatives there are to various foods/drinks we take for granted. I ended up taking a juicer home with me and I have to say this has been my new best friend. I juice most days (replacing one meal with a filling, nutritious juice) and I even made my own almond milk (so easy). In fact the knowledge I came away with has really changed the way I eat (and even my family are adopting a few ideas). Quite an experience and I'd definitely go back.

732bethn Chard, United Kingdom        Reviewed 27 November 2016

Total t.l.c.

I arrived at milestone looking for a way to change the way I felt about myself, my lifestyle and diet. From the minute I arrived I was welcomed into a warm, open family - one which made the 3 days of detox much easier than anticipated.

Helena and her team have made the milestone experience informative and very special - it was hard work, but relaxing at the same time - and I came away with the feeling that, actually, I am worth the time and effort and that looking after myself shouldn't be bottom of the 'to do' list.

Pilates every morning, infrared saunas and other treatments and workshops break the day up - you won't feel bored - and they all contribute towards making you feel so much better at the end of your stay. The Pilates instructor was fantastic and tailored the workouts to our abilities and definitely pushed us to do that little bit more!

4 weeks later and I still lemonise in the morning and body brush every day, I've pretty much given up bread (thanks to the amazing recipe Helena sent me), rarely eat meat and I've barely touched coffee or alcohol, which is a miracle bearing in mind I was drinking about 6 coffees a day before I went to milestone.

Thank you Helena and the Milestone team - I'll see you again in 2017.

maz161 Leeds, United Kingdom        Reviewed 4 November 2016

Amazing Detox! highly recommended!!

The Milestone Detox is a beautiful magical place, one where you can relax and unwind. Then you get started on your personal journey, where you are guided, encouraged and listened to. Helena and her wonderful team gently guide you to learn more about yourself leaving refreshed and renewed.

Stunning walks in the Cotswolds, with the lovely Sheila who has taught me about mindful walking and hair detoxing, Jonathan with his wisdom and knowledge and exercises and walks, From Infra red sauna's to various machines for your health vibrant juices, energised pure water, workshops, clonics with the wonderful Liz, and so much more! Finally the wholistic care from Helena who is a very special lady who genuinely cares about everyone and looks after your every need! I felt great, lighter and more clear headed after the Liebusting with Helena and hope to do more.

In fact, I felt sad to pack on Sunday afternoon. I had the most amazing time, everyone has been wonderful, understanding and very helpful. Most enjoyable in every way! It has excelled my expectations and I left with a fresh new outlook on my health and wellbeing.

A beautiful setting with a fantastic group of people! This had been the best thing that I have ever done for myself ! I feel calm, cleansed and ready to move forward happier and healthier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maria Firth xx

Plutome        Reviewed 17 July 2016

A welcoming, warm and relaxing part of the world.

I went for a detox and despite some challenges, came away feeling better than expected. Since then I made small changes which grown and when I do veer off, I know there is a place where I can go! Definitely do it!

lulukane2016 Bristol, United Kingdom        Reviewed 6 July 2016

Going the extra mile...

Never have I felt so nurtured! I'm not just talking good juicy nutrition (I did a 7 day juice detox in June/July 2016), but also outside-in.

Helena and every single member of her fabulous team lavished so much heart-felt 1:1 attention on me that my Milestone Detox experience took customer service to a whole new level.

Outside of the scheduled daily programme and activities - which in themselves were executed with such an expertly paced yet comfortable 'zest' - Helena and her team never failed to go the extra mile to satiate a mind thirsty for knowledge and ever full of questions as to how best to make changes for a healthier lifestyle.

In short, I could not recommend The Milestone Detox more highly and feel lucky to have lived it, loved it and made some new friends for life.

Thank you Helena and the gang!

corkill1 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom        Reviewed 5 July 2016

Wow wow wow

Where to begin? In a nutshell (soaked of course) an awesome weekend, in a beautiful home, with an amazing host.

My friend and I spent a weekend with Helena and her team on a raw food weekend. She greeted us with a hug and made us feel we were important to her from the moment we arrived to the hugs we received when we left. Nothing was too much for her and her knowledge of the subject is inspiring. She made me a juice to get rid of my hayfever symptoms without question and it worked.

The demos were brilliant and what I particularly liked was the fact that her ethos was to empower us to make our own decisions on how to take this forward. She didn't judge or try to convert us. She tailored her teaching to what we needed and her enthusiasm was infectious.

The house and gardens were stunning and she'd thought of everything, the welcome baskets, you tube tutorials, DVDs, matching crockery, napkins holders, flowers on the table; everything to make the weekend beautiful.

The team that work with Helena are professional, equally as knowledgeable and fully on board with her ideology. You felt they wanted to be there and weren't just there for the money. The treatments we received (massage, exercise, irrigation, sauna) were wonderful. As mad as it sounds, I would have like the option to pay for a 2nd irrigation to save having to find a practitioner at home.

Over the 2 days, I lost 5lbs and 2 inches from my waist, I left full of knowledge and new ideas, I feel energised and ready to take on the world.

I can't say enough good things about The Milestone Detox, I'd never go anywhere else.

Candice W        Reviewed 5 July 2016

Energising weekend FULL of flavour

A friend and I went for a raw food weekend, which we immersed ourselves into with open minds. I have come away knowing that the food prepared over the weekend is the type of food I want to continue eating. I always add salt and lots of pepper to every cooked meal I eat and that is besides any sauces for flavour - I must find cooked food bland. I never once wanted to reach for the salt/pepper mill or thought about nandos sauce. The raw foods we ate were an explosion of flavour on my tastebuds!

The learning experience (and knowledge of our beautiful host Helena) with the food classes gave you the information you need and the confidence to try things at home. I am no cook by any means and I am not one to follow recipes, especially if they are long and drawn out so this was a breath of fresh air for me. I have already made some almond milk for my breakfasts and have had my first delivery of snowpeas and sunflower shoots - YUM! We even got to eat chocolate mousse. What I learned was there is a healthy option to every yummy treat.

Following our weekend, I feel cleaner, more energised and excited to try some new recipes (because lets face it, anyone can chop, soak, sprout and blend!)

Thank you to Helena and her team for introducing me to a new way of life. #converted

MelodieRay London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 5 July 2016

A life-changer

My doctor recommended the Milestone Detox when I was suffering from several long-term health problems and general exhaustion. Helena and her team are wonderful, caring and incredibly knowledgeable people. The programmes/treatments are personalised and incredibly well organised. I did both the five-day detox and raw food weekend and came away not only feeling much healthier, but also calmer, happier and stronger. Thank you Helena and co.!

LindaJau Aylesbury, United Kingdom        Reviewed 29 May 2016

Excellent raw food weekend!

I can thoroughly recommend Milestone Detox. It is a lovely house in beautiful countryside, and I attended a weekend there to learn how to prepare raw food, hands on. Before every meal, Helena showed us exactly how to prepare the food and then we got to eat it! I learned a lot and enjoyed the different recipes.

What stood out for me during the weekend was the exceptional care shown by Helena for her guests. I could not have been better looked after. She is a very kind person and did everything she could to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Milestone Detox has an amazing number of different therapies to help its clients towards better health........colonics, infrared sauna, Pilates, lymphatic drainage massage, and many others. I really needed to stay for longer to have time to benefit from everything that was on offer. I shall definitely be going back at some time in the future for a longer stay, as this is the best detox holiday I have had yet. Very importantly for me, the beds were very comfortable and I slept well. I often suffer from insomnia, especially on my first night away from home, and nearly always have to take sleeping tablets. But I did not need to take them this time. And I was given a lovely large bright sunny room which was therapeutic in itself.

A top place to go for a detox or to learn how to prepare raw food.

pieeyethe3rd Warwickshire, United Kingdom        Reviewed 22 May 2016

An excellent detox programme at a lovely venue, with great staff

I do a juice detox every year, and this is the best Detox in the UK that i've had the pleasure of taking part in. I did a full week, and felt and looked really wonderful afterwards. My fibromyalgia disappeared! I also lost ten pounds which is a fair amount for me seeing i am not large, and this despite the full strength juices, which were delicious! The Company ethos at Milestone is generous, and nurturing. First off, Helena provides a lot of extras that other detox centres don't provide. From the personal hygene kit filled with great products and detox aides, Magnesium salts or Epsom salts for bath time... to the infrared sauna and PEMF mat, oh, and a few professional hydracolonics also included, which for me are way more effective than self administerd colonics. Also included was Pilates, with a very good teacher, a personal training session down at the local gym which i found refreshingly motivating, daily use of a Powerplate...i could go on...The area is stunning, and lovely Shelagh, who is a warm, upbeat part of the small team, took us on a mindfulness walk that was really special. We noticed a lot of things about nature, about oursleves, and got some fresh air to blow all the cobwebs of life out! i also enjoyed other contryside walks with Helena, who is a sweet kind, and strong lady. My room was both attractive and comfortable, (as is the whole house), and the gardens are particularly pretty. This detox programme was more positive than any other i have done, and so far this is my 8th year of doing them. My health is so greatly improved from detoxing, and i would recommend it to anyone, even if your not sick...and i would heartily recommend The Milestone Detox!

britishandy London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 18 May 2016

Transformational Experience!

I recently had a Raw Food Detox weekend here and I can honestly say in writing this I'm feeling as good as I ever have in my life! The atmosphere is really supportive, encouraging, informative and inspirational. Helena herself is a wonderful host with extensive knowledge of all things healthy and takes a great deal of care in ensuring everyone is really looked after. There's plenty of options and things to do on the weekend, with the option to just chill out and relax if that's what you'd rather do as well. I really appreciated the whole team who really speak the same language and have a real warmth about them. I had my first colonic here which was at first a little unnerving, but Liz the therapist made it really easy and took my fears away (no mean feat given what she was holding and where it was being held!)

Overall the personal attention, wonderful location and caring team made it quite different to most retreats I've been on and I would definitely recommend it to others.

I've left feeling really empowered and committed to continuing my journey to optimal health!

KarenX1 Walton-On-Thames, United Kingdom        Reviewed 12 May 2016

Wonderful experience!

Having just returned from a three day juice detox at The Milestone Retreat, I feel I have 'restarted' my life. Firstly, the retreat itself is a beautifully presented property in the tranquility of the Cotswolds which feels intimate and friendly. The owner and hostess, Helena, is exceptional not only in her extensive knowledge and personal experience of healthy eating and a non-toxic way of living, but in the way she cares about each individual who attends. She quickly identifies the needs of each person and ensures these are meet during the course. The juicing was painless as all the juices were delicious and so plentiful that it was impossible to be hungry. All the juices were demonstrated for us so it would be easy to replicate them at home and all recipes were provided. By the end of two and a half days I had lost 5lbs! I was also lucky enough to be present while the Raw Food weekend was being held. It was fascinating to watch Helena and her assistant Shelagh demonstrating some truly delicious dishes so much so that I'm hoping to return for this course very soon. I'd highly recommend it. The spa treatments take place in a separate clinic adjacent to the main house and all therapists were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The two walks into the Cotswolds countryside were very enjoyable and good exercise. Shelagh introduced me to mindfulness walking which I have put into practice since returning home. This was a wonderful three days and just what I needed to reboot at this stage of my life. I only wish I could have stayed longer. The Milestone Retreat is a very special place.

Tori S Gerona, Catalonia, Spain        Reviewed 9 May 2017

Raw Food Immersion

Just home from the best ever raw food immersion weekend at Milestone. The recipes were so delicious and, most importantly...EASY. Helena is a wonderful host and teacher who loves to share her extensive knowledge about health and raw foodie tips. My friend and I came away inspired and with the 'what, why and how' confusion completely removed. If you want to experience an abundance of care in beautiful surroundings and treat your body and mind to a serious M.O.T...get booked in!

W6927NHsarah Broadway, United Kingdom        Reviewed 26 March 2016

First time visit to a juice and raw food detox.

I was part of the first small group to take part in a residential juice detox when Jonathan and Helena Cavan were starting their ground breaking approach. I had never done anything like it before. Through the Milestone Detox, Helena took us 'off road' for 5 days into a world of juicing and raw food experiences that were extraordinary, inspirational and fun. It was obvious that the new venture was an opportunity for Helena to share with others her extensive knowledge, skills and passion which she did tirelessly - a Mary Berry of Juicing and raw food. Helena is what makes the Milestone Detox a fantastic experience that I would recommend it to anyone. Her tutorials in the kitchen were a amazing.You don't have to be a dyed in the wool detox fan, this experience would suit anyone wanting to explore the benefits of juicing and raw food as part of a lovely break in a gorgeous house, in a beautiful part of the world. On top of this, Helena has created a great team around her that bring expert skills in a wide range of therapies. As a result of my experience of the detox, I now juice regularly and have become a great advocate of raw ginger and lemon to start my day. I found that my hay fever symptoms have been much milder as a result. I would recommend the Milestone Detox to anyone.

Sianmarie1408 Cheltenham, United Kingdom        Reviewed 24 March 2016

Investing in your future

A detox at Milestones is a masterclass in turning your life around, learning how you can make subtle changes to your lifestyle to invest in a healthy future. The detox kickstarts the process. Helena's knowledge, enthusiasm and caring support is second to none. Great location, lovely walks....I even enjoyed the Juices! Recommended for everyone wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle.

pinhead47 Southampton, United Kingdom        Reviewed 19 March 2016

Milestone inspires and motivates self healing

Helena has a gift. From the moment you arrive you feel the genuine love and care that she offers. The environment, beautiful surroundings and soothing treatments help you to reconnect with yourself. After a couple of visits my aches and pains have lessened. My continuing efforts to detox my body and mind have had such a profound effect that I finally feel like 'me' again. I can't recommend this detox experience enough. You can 'heal yourself' under the caring guidance of Helena. I can't thank her enough.

CJB2404 Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom        Reviewed 18 March 2016


This was a seminal event. The nutritional and health protocols learned have stayed with me. I have lost 21lb without trying and feel far mre energised. The knowledge and passion of Helena and Jonathan are powerfully infectious and the range of experiences and treatments on offer inspiring. Go for the Liebust too!

alexanderlG5391NV Torquay, United Kingdom        Reviewed 15 March 2016

My 7 day juice detox

In November 2015 I went to The Milestone Detox for my 7 day juice detox and it was for me a life changing experience. As well as the comfortable accommodation and the amazing welcome from Helena and all those involved at the centre there was lots to learn. The juices were tasty and nourishing and the information regarding lifestyle changes I needed certainly made me think. We started our day with Pilates and then were encouraged to take part in other treatments on offer and the sauna was great. There were walks to suit us and we visited a beautiful silk factory as well as being taught to make the juices and much more nutritional information. My whole way of eating has changed and my health has improved because of it. I highly recommend it.

julia612016 Bourton-on-the-Water, United Kingdom        Reviewed 15 March 2016

The most transforming stay at The Milestone Detox

I visited The Milestone Detox early in February this year and I can honestly claim to have been transformed for life in the Cotswolds. The whole experience was so enlightening and informative. Helena has a wonderful way in which she shares her immense knowledge on detoxing that does not put you under pressure in any way at all, but only reinforces that you immediately want to follow her teachings – which are all for the better! I learnt so much about taking care of myself both from the inside and the outside and I now continue at home everything that I learned from Helena. The juices that we were given were simply delicious, and so nutritious – and now I cannot stop making them each day, I had to buy a juicer immediately! The treatments, sauna and exercise classes just brilliant and then there is all the information gathering in between!! I came away feeling happier, fitter and slimmer and now understand what I need to do to keep my body happy too!! I could not recommend Milestone Detox more highly, and I am happy for anyone to email me at julia@jsibun.co.uk if they would like any additional recommendation before making a booking to visit Milestone. Hooray for people like Helena and Sheila who are able to make us feel so welcome and at home, and are prepared to share so much wonderful knowledge to help us keep fit, very healthy and strong in life.

anne H London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 14 March 2016

Anne H

Took two day non residential juice detox, colonic washout and treatments on offer. Felt amazing after and learnt a great deal amongst lovely staff and relaxed friendly atmosphere. Helena who is in charge is very knowledgeable and has researched and sourced superb products. All hangs on Helena. Make sure you are clear what you are doing and when, organisation can slip.

SianH Liverpool, United Kingdom        Reviewed 13 March 2016

Healthy Holiday (for a change!)

I recently completed a 5 day juice detox at Milestone and feel that it was definitely money well spent. The house is beautiful and very cosy although extremely spacious and I stayed in a very comfortable en-suite bedroom. Never having done a juice detox before, I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel. I can honestly say that I never felt hungry once as the huge variety of juices I was given obviously provided me with all the nourishment I needed. In addition to simply relaxing, I also went on some beautiful walks in the Cotswolds, did Pilates with a brilliant teacher every morning and had a variety of therapies throughout my stay. I also watched some really interesting and informative DVDs about juicing. Helena was a welcoming host and very eager to share her knowledge. I picked up many useful tips and have since made some tweaks to my diet - bought a spiraliser and a nutribullet! I felt very refreshed after my detox and would definitely return to Milestone to do another. Thoroughly recommended!

Anthony R Carlisle, United Kingdom        Reviewed 12 March 2016

An inspirational detox

I attended a detox course in November2015 and found the experience truly inspirational so much so that I am going again in April 2016. All aspects of the course were absolutely excellent. I thoroughly recommend the experience.

fiwilkins London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 12 March 2016

Fabulous Detox. Highly recommend!

Milestone Detox is like a home away from home with the added benefit of having the fabulous Helena and her lovely husband Jonathan there to look after you. I enjoyed every day of my seven days there. Helena's programme made each moment a delight. From the amazing juices to the many treatments included in the detox price. The rooms are beautiful. The area around Milestone is outstanding and I enjoyed long walks every day, three of which Helena lead telling interesting stories about local landmarks. I was never once hungry and enjoyed the daily talks on nutrition. We had great fun figuring out what I could drink instead of milky coffee in the mornings and ended up with hot almond milk and maple syrup. I haven't drunk coffee since and LOVE my almond milk. Thanks Helena! Milestone Detox really helped set me on a new way of living. And it was so easy. Helena made it make sense. 11 months later I have lost 7 kgs, make hard core green green juices every day (something my taste buds couldn't manage at first but now love), make my own raw chocolate, eat a lot less meat, more raw food and spend many happy hours looking up fun vegetarian recipes on-line. Milestone Detox is not a normal run of the mill detox. It really is life changing and I gained two new fabulous friends in Helena and Jonathan. I can't wait to go again. Well done to both of you.

Liz W        Reviewed 11 March 2016

An exceptional, lifechanging experience

Milestone Detox is a very special experience .From the moment we arrived until the moment we left Helena and Jonathan took care of us. Their attention to detail, making sure that everything we needed for us to get the very best out of our time with them was arranged. From the right nutrition to detox to the right treatments to help us relax and rebalance , their thought-fullness and care was amazing . The whole atmosphere is full of peace, the team are all so loving and considerate and the place itself is beautiful. We left after our stay feeling completely rested, revitalised and looking a lot healthier than when we arrived. We also left with a lot more knowledge on how to maintain it. I can't recommend this beautiful place enough. It really is lifechanging.

Elizabeth D Greater London, United Kingdom        Reviewed 10 March 2016

Exactly what I needed...

I stayed in the Milestone detox for a week in December. From the moment I got there to the time I left it was an amazing time.

Helena and Jonathon took care of my every need and made sure I got the most out of my experience.

The house itself is extremely comfortable and to a very high standard (which most in the UK are not) and situated in the picturesque village of Whichcombe. The quality of juices and evening broth kept me full and I never felt hungry, even though I had mentally prepared myself for it!

There is a generous amount of treatments included in the package and I left feeling refreshed and revitalise.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to this magical place.

Mark B        Reviewed 10 March 2016

Excellent Detox

Our first visit was April 2015 for what was a transformational experience. It wasn't just a detox, it was an educational experience and the lessons we can carry forward into our lives forever to live a happier and healthier life. Thank you to The Milestone Detox Team... you were all awesome! We are now booked for a 2nd visit this year.

Jonathan B Calcot, United Kingdom        Reviewed 10 March 2016


My 5 day detox at Milestone changed my life forever. The outstanding level of professional excellence, the luxurious accommodation and the wonderful surrounding area are matched by the variety in the programme and the effectiveness of the regime. As well as the physical, mental and emotional impact of the detox the level of information imparted, especially by Helena, created the will and motivation to follow through into a lifestyle change. That knowledge was and continues to be, empowering. The walks, the exercises and the documentaries ensured that I was never bored. It was amazing that drinking only juices and supplements never once left me feeling hungry or grumpy! The infra red sauna, power plate and massages simply enhanced the experience yet further. It's one of the best things I have ever done.

Mrs_46_2016 Surrey, United Kingdom        Reviewed 22 February 2016

Fantastic experience

Found the raw food weekend retreat via google! wanted to go by myself so opted for a single room. Lovely house, country cute bedroom. Helena the host was so knowledgeable and helpful. Barbara the raw food chef is inspiring I left the weekend feeling fantastic and went fully raw for 3 months, felt great. Am now hoping to return for another weekend. would recommend this fantastic place to anyone wanting to be inspired, learn new skilss, and learn how to look after your health.

johnb1953 Horsham, United Kingdom        Reviewed 21 February 2016

Empowering and supportive Detox Centre

Having being diagnosed with cancer I wanted to understand my options to help my body cope. The Milestone Detox provides the passion and dedication to help you to understand what you need and how to achieve it. Helena Cavan is truly inspiring.