Post-David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe Update

Helena with David Wolfe 

Helena with David Wolfe 

The 1 night stay turned into 3!

This time last week, I was wondering why we were a bit low on bookings. Something inside told me not to put the 2 available rooms on special offer and to just leave them empty. This didn’t make financial sense but I had to follow my instinct. So we ran a peaceful and relatively quiet detox last week spoiling our three lovely guests!

Last Tuesday, I received confirmation that David Wolfe was indeed coming with his PA and AV guy on Friday so in a moment, I knew why I had the 2 rooms available! When you’re in “flow,” some things don’t make logical sense. But you just HAVE to follow your gut instinct!

David Wolfe on the PEMF mat at The Milestone Detox

David Wolfe on the PEMF mat at The Milestone Detox

David is even more amazing in person than he is on stage and we had so much in common to talk about because he’s as mad about plants and gardening as I am. He just grows chocolate & vanilla (at his Hawaiian home) and I grow apples & greens!

David broke his foot a few weeks ago and after two sessions on our PEMF mat, could feel a great improvement so he played football with Woody Harrelson in London yesterday as a result! (PEMF technology has been certified by the US FDA as a “bone knitter.”). Here he is on our mat.

Client with David Wolfe

Client with David Wolfe

Are you in “flow”? Do you know what “flow” is? It’s when things just work out and you don’t have to figure out every little detail in advance (because you just can’t). Flow is when you release and trust and then let things just happen. I have perfectionist tendencies so “letting go” isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world. Bill Johnson says that when we’re in flow, “more happens by accident than could ever happen on purpose” and I see this time and time again!

Yesterday morning at the juice and breakfast table, we had a young lady who had been suffering from terrible asthma for days. David gave her and ‘illegal amount’ of GOOD salt in 500 ml of water (see pic below). Before she drank it she didn’t look convinced but it was like magic. Within 15 minutes, her chest began to open up and by the end of the hour, she was absolutely fine. By checkout time she was a very happy lady! — now she has a simple cure to a life long issue.

David left me a very kind thank you card which I’d like you to see because if you haven’t met our team here at the Milestone Detox yet and are wondering what we’re all about, this is a good indicator. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.13.59.png

“We feel heartfelt gratitude for our time here at Milestone. Thank you for the invitation and for so graciously hosting and supporting our events and team. What a gift to have this experience. This place is amazing, from the accommodations, to the juices and meals, and amenities. The Milestone Detox Centre has TRUE superhero status.”
– Avocado

We care. That’s it. Doesn’t matter “who” our clients are. We are in the business of transforming lives, day in, day out. Yes, it’s busy, but incredibly rewarding too. Please come and see us soon!

If you would like to hear David Wolfe yourself, here is the link to his talk next Sunday.

PS If you don’t know David, he is a raw food, health advocate having grown up in a house with both parents as medical doctors…he was determined to find a natural way to health care. He is now recognised as a world expert in his field…and he wants to come back and do a full Milestone Detox!

Helena Cavan