Sofia, Bulgaria 1/2


How are you on this gorgeously sunny day?! I’m SO excited to tell you that Jonathan and I are now on a plane to fly to Sofia, Bulgaria to attend the International Water Conference. 

I’m writing a book on hydration and weight loss at the moment and really looking forward to speaking to some leading scientific geeks about my findings and seeing what they have to say. It’s incredible that the man who organised the conference is from the University of Washington, my alma mater and I’ve arranged to have lunch with him. I asked him if he knew about Grander water technology and he said he’d heard about it but never tried it, so I’m bringing a board along for him (and my penergiser for me).

Would you like to come on this journey with me?! I’ll be sharing with you all the best bits of the trip, just open your emails and read, ok?


We had such an incredible detox in October with some pretty major breakthroughs both physically and emotionally. I Liebusted a lady who had been abused by her Father, never spoken about it or dealt with it and had never forgiven him. After learning that forgiveness isn’t about condoning what the person did but taking one’s hands off the right to judge, she was so liberated that she told everyone about what had happened to her from a position of joy rather than tears, bitterness and pain. Forgiveness is emotional detox. When people say to me, “I’ll carry it to my grave!” Something inside of me cries out, “Noooooo! You don’t have to do that.” In my observation, unforgiveness is one of the greatest toxins of the soul.

Since the detox finished, I picked about 25lbs of grapes from the vines at Milestone and put them all through the juicer. The outcome wasn’t brilliant because the juice was really tart so I did something really radical!! I added a pinch of my secret ingredient… Halen Mon vanilla salt. Sounds strange, I know, but it’s just what the juice needed! Normally we use celery or Swiss chard in a juice to add “salt”, but I didn’t like the idea of celery/grape juice. I added a touch of stevia to balance it out and that made the juice PERFECT. So I poured it into our glass bell jars, put it in the freezer, ET VOILA – juice for my teenagers!

As we learned further when David Wolfe was here, whole unprocessed salt is very important for body repair, healing and rehydration. We must stop being afraid to use it!

It’s take off time! Until later!

Helena Cavan