Sofia, Bulgaria 2/2


I’ve not been to an eastern bloc country before, have you? My association is that they’re cold(er) and indeed, when we stepped off the plane, I immediately felt the bite in the air.

We’re staying in a huge hotel, however, and the sun has been shining, so we’re good.

Basically, this is a water scientist’s showcase where scientists can come and, in about 90 minutes, present their research and findings to each other. It’s incredibly detailed and QUITE over my head but in the end, when they share their findings – I get it.

They’re presenting in English and the accents vary from thick Russian to Chinese, Korean, French and Scandinavian. There is remarkable unity, however, and the respect and value they invest in each other is beautiful. There is a nobel prize winner and definitely, others in the making.

Here I am with Luc Montagnier, the man who identified the HIV virus and who is now working exclusively on water information research. 

I’ve been telling people about my “pattern recognition” in the detox and my findings have been met with interest, so I’m feeling affirmed!

Helena Cavan