End As You Mean To Start

Greetings on the first day of Advent, are you ready for the month ahead?

Do you have school concerts and end-of-term review meetings with school teachers in your diary, like we do?

Or perhaps work parties and family gatherings have been allocated some slots in your month?

For some, it is the financial year end and there is yet much work to be done. For others, it will soon be bonus time, the reward for another great year of effort.

Whatever you have planned, or don't, whatever you will do, or won't, this is the final month of 2017.

In this moment, you may wish to join me asking myself,

"How do I want to end this year so I can start next year as I mean to go on?"

"An economic crisis is not a possibility crisis." I heard Lisa Nichols say this on a podcast this morning.

As we all begin this season associated with light, love and life ahead, I send you all my very strongest hope that you will take time this month to think about your possibilities for the coming year. Not only for yourself, think about the possibilities you can create for others as well - everything is transformed by an application of resource - whether that is time or money.


I'll be sending you some very good recipes from our December raw food weekend last year for some delicious and super-quick ideas to add colour and fabulous taste to your table.

You may consider bringing a friend along to one of our raw food dinner parties next year. "A change is as good as a rest." and sometimes getting away for just one night will be the pattern interrupt required to get back on track with rest and nutrition.

Believe it or not, I'm still in transition in our move out of Milestone. I decided it was time for a book detox and I'm pleased to say that after 18 years, I'm finally letting go of my University text books! What will you let go of this month in order to make room in your life for? 

Helena Cavan