Alcohol Issues?

Hey, are you BUSY?! Since we finished the detoxes in November, I've sure been BUSY!  

Do you remember I mentioned being in the flow earlier this year? In that state where things just happen and people come together? The past two weeks have just been CRAZY FLOW and I have to tell you about it!! (The rest of the story is below in the PPS.)

I finished the retreat year with a big wish in my heart for all our clients who've come that are drinking a bottle of wine or more per day and want to stop. Is that you or a loved one? If so, read on. If not, please scroll to the bottom for your promised raw cranberry sauce recipe!

Our website uses a piece of software called ClickFunnels and in a video by the founder last month, I saw him refer to this lady named Annie Grace who had kicked the alcohol thing in her life, written a book, was filled with passion and on a mission to help people do what she did. As soon as I saw her, I KNEW I had to get in touch so I could connect our drinking clients to her. Why?

Because Annie's DONE IT! She has gone from a life of drinking and wanting to drink to not drinking at all - without going to 12 step meetings and wearing any labels. 


This is Annie...

When people do a detox with us, they often say how they didn't even think about drinking the whole time they here. When you're in a controlled environment away from all temptation and removed from people who urge you to do something, getting filled up on tasty veggie cocktails, it's not difficult to avoid. But, as you know, my desire is to educate and empower you with whatever you need in order to be transformed for the rest of your life.

So, I contacted Annie and we've been chatting because I'm in a person-to-person business. If I bring something or someone to you, it's because I've MET them, or I've tried it or the studies overwhelmingly show that IT WORKS.  

We have big woo woo and pseudo science tests that we apply to everything we come across and frankly, not much that we review makes it into our programme. There are many claim-makers today. We like science and quantum science, things with reproducible outcomes.

So, I've been listening to Annie's conversations on her podcasts and talking to her using a fun walkie talkie app called VOXER. 

And I am more than excited to introduce you to her - her book, her programme and all of her free content. Like us, she's on a mission to transform lives and her message of spontaneous sobriety has hit the world by storm. You can read her blog post about it here.

Next week, Annie and I are going to have a conversation on Skype which we'll record, and then send out to you. JUST FOR YOU! I'll put it up afterwards on our Facebook page but we're going to be talking about the mental side of detoxing and what she discovered on her journey to kick the habit, once and for all.

Why now, before Christmas? Because this is the end of the year. Dry January is coming. I want to help you be prepared to start next year as you mean to go on, as I mentioned in my last email.

So watch out for my email and take the time to watch, you will be very inspired and encouraged, I promise!

Here is a great raw cranberry recipe from my friend, Barbara, which I made last year for Christmas with fresh cranberries and LOVED. Fresh cranberries are very tart and need sweetening and if you're avoiding sugar, just blend them and add a few drops of stevia and orange or mandarin oil to taste.

Update on my book writing: I found a publishing and strategy consultant in NYC that I've been working with to write my book and I'm pleased to report I'm turning pages. She is tops and has been around a long time, so I trust her coaching. When we spoke this week and I told her about Annie, it turns out she has been coaching another expert with a book whom Annie Grace interviewed on her podcast! She told me that Annie has just signed a book deal with one of the 5 major NY publishers and is going BIG in the New Year. Talk about convergence, isn't that crazy awesome?!  

Helena Cavan