Good Morning America TV Today!

Annie Grace will be on Good Morning America today (Tuesday) and I feel SO EXCITED to be able to introduce you to her and her groundbreaking work!

As I've been preparing for our conversation tomorrow, the biggest question that comes to mind has to do with moderating alcohol. Is it possible to be a casual drinker and stay casual? Is a social drinker the same as a casual drinker?

We don't like using labels in the detox, so I like that Annie Grace doesn't advocate them either.

Stay tuned for our conversation which I will send you later this week...I want to help you to get ready now for what comes AFTER Christmas.... DRY JANUARY!

Please email me any questions for Annie today and I'll do my best to weave them in. 

Have you tried the fresh cranberries now out in the shops yet?! I made a cracking immune boosting juice this morning:


Cran-Mandarin Juice

  • 1 punnet fresh cranberries
  • 3 not-easy-to-peel mandarins
  • 1 lime
  • 1 finger tip piece of fresh turmeric
  • 1 small apple
  • A few grains of stevia, to taste

It made about 500ml, juiced. You could also make a smoothie and blend these ingredients.

Helena Cavan