3 Quick Tips for Before/After a Drink

Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, had a fabulous time on Good Morning America, Tuesday, and is updating her website like crazy now in preparation for when the show goes live. I've been getting the technology ready for our conversation and in the meantime, here are some tips to help/support you through any drinking over the next two weeks.

Alcohol is acidic in the blood - When you drink alcohol, it triggers changes in your phosphate levels that lead to increases in your blood pH. Keeping alkaline helps you maintain your energy so before you have a drink this holiday season, be your own chemist and alkalise to help counteract what you may put in!



  1. Remember Andrews Liver Salts? They contain mostly sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, as well as magnesium sulphate (otherwise known as epsom salts). The alkaliser is the sodium bicarbonate so before you have a drink, take a rounded teaspoon of sodium bicarb into a pint glass, mix it until it runs clear and drink. It's mild so don't be worried! Works best on an empty stomach. Use what you have in the kitchen or buy something fancier, here's a suggestion: in capsule form, click here or powder here.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar. Sounds acidic and in the mouth, it is! But in the blood, it's a stringent cleanser and may help to reduce inflammation and acid-related issues from aches and pains to arthritic or gout complaints. Take a teaspoon in a mug of warm water both morning and night throughout the Christmas season to counteract alcohol or sugary drinks.
  3. Water water water! Alcohol is a diuretic and often alcohol-related headaches are actually dehydration headaches! So drink at least 25% more water than you should for your body weight every day that you're drinking to help your body detox itself.

One hydration formula is: 1 litre of water per 25kg of bodyweight.

Stay tuned!

Helena Cavan