Create Healthy Options

TMD Manifesto quote

TMD Manifesto quote

Do you feel powerful?

Every time you choose and buy; decide and do; read the menu, select, then order; exercise a decision; manifest an intention, you are being powerful.

Some decisions require seemingly no effort. Others demand great courage. If you have healthy food in your fridge and in the larder, step into healthy restaurants and food aisles at the supermarkets, you will naturally make healthier choices.

When you make the choices in life that you want to, you feel good inside and it leads to a sense of personal integrity. Have you ever felt powerless in front of a bottle, standing before a menu or before the open fridge? Have you ever binged and regretted it after? I think we can safely say that we all have done this and loathe the feelings after.

When you come to The Milestone Detox, you will learn about new ingredients, new ways of doing things with old ingredients and new tasty delights to add to your menus. We love to emPOWER our clients with some education, inspiration, encouragement and hands-on experience so that when you return home, you can do things a little differently… or a lot differently, depending on your goals.

When you build a new habit, it takes a certain amount of willpower and determination but once it’s established, the momentum of the habit takes over and you automatically JUST DO IT.

What we do, over and over, in a sustained way, is what defines us. So change your habits and change your life! When you make healthy choices, you increase your energy levels and with increased energy levels, you can do what you like – manifest your destiny, live your dream!

Helena Cavan