The Content You Consume

TMD Manifesto quote

TMD Manifesto quote

Hippocrates said, “You are what you eat.” (Eating includes drinking.) Philosophers and gurus have been answering the question, “who am I?” for millennia.

So what if we let the body answer the who-am-I question? Today I am a hamburger, fries and chips. Today I am a cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and onion. Today I am a bottle of water. Today I am a bottle of wine.

Content upload is not, however, just food. It’s anything that comes IN to us through our senses. What we inhale, listen to, watch, see, smell, sense is all content. Today I am pollution. Today I am the sea-side. Today I am Beethoven. Today I am series 1, episode 3. Today I am the country. Today I am vape. Today I am warm and tanned.

When you unplug from your routine and do a residential detox, your pattern is interrupted and you naturally think differently as you do different things.

Take a moment and let your body answer the Who Am I question now.

Are you happy with the answers? If you need some help to change the answers, come and do a detox with us and we will help you do just that!

Refresh your programme, refresh yourself!

Helena Cavan