Style a Detox Life

Style a detox life.jpg

What’s your style? (Style is the way you do something.) The way you do your hair, the way you clothe your body, the way you keep your house… Have you ever thought about the way you do life?

My style is simple. Growing up in a hoarding family, to me, less is more. As a creative, I value beauty and quality so I surround myself with real beauty (plenty of flowers inside and out) and stay positive by thinking beautiful thoughts.

When you create sustainable and healthy habits that provide your entire self with everything you need (and more), you feel ALIVE as a result. This is the definition of a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Style a happy life. Lower the toxins in your everyday world so you feel clean and clear. Little things matter so count your blessings. Admire the way others do life and tell them. In so doing, happiness emerges.

We like doing happy at The Milestone Detox. Come and DO HAPPY with us, book your next detox today.

Helena Cavan