Best EVER Results!

Last week, we had a wonderful time with Durwin from the Linseed Farm and really enjoyed his “show and tell” informative talk about linseed and Omega 3&6’s. I had never seen “flaxen hair” (flax fibres) before and he showed us the difference between the flax plant and the linseed plants – which often mistakenly get named for each other.

Linseed flower

Linseed flower

Flax is of the same family as linseed but it is a much taller plant. So it is grown purely for it’s fibres and those plants are harvested by being pulled out of the ground, in order to produce the longest possible fibres to be used for many things – from rope to carpeting. 

Linseed, is a shorter plant with a blue flower that is grown and harvested with very sharp combine harvester blades due to the tough nature of it’s fibres (like flax), and the linseed’s SEED is used for both humans and livestock. If it is given to horses and cows to make their coats glossy and shiny, imagine what it can do for us?!

It is always a sad moment for me to say goodbye to our guests because by the end of their stay, we’re all so used to each other and getting on so well. But I weigh and measure each client to see what has happened during their stay and write down the results in their “All You Need To Know” book, which each guest receives. This is an FAQ really, explaining everything that we do throughout the week and WHY, keeping a record of how guests come in and how they leave.

In the hundreds of people who have visited us, I’ve NEVER seen anyone increase their hydration level more than 2% in a detox. Ever. Not for 7 days, not for 14 days. That is the most shift I see. Rehydration is not a matter for days or even weeks… it takes months to bring cellular hydration up. Except for Durwin last week. His hydration rose a whopping 3% in 7 days and I just couldn’t believe it!

We all have a good laugh when I describe the grape and the raisin. It is natural that as we age, we dehydrate. We start out as grapes and end as raisins…. but do we have to? If we continue to take in our electrolytes (salts and minerals), our good Omega 3&6’s and drink the right amount of water for our body weight, must we shrivel?

Well, my opinion and observation is this: Durwin takes his fresh linseed oil by the spoonful every day and also eats the ground linseeds in his porridge daily. So his body is well topped up with Omega oils. Last week, when he added the juices and Grander water during his detox – presto! His cells just soaked up the water because they already had the tools to do it. They were primed with the omega oils he takes daily with his linseeds.

So, I just wanted to share that with you. I thought it was an incredible thing to happen and observe after sharing the information with you last week about the structure of the cell walls and all that.

Remember: our cells are like little hydroelectric dams creating electricity, that we call energy. We are electric beings, light carriers and our bodies need good fats, good salts and water to SHINE.

SHINE ON, dear friends, drink up and have a great week!

Helena Cavan