Switch On Your Light

Did you see the light at 7am this morning? I had that feeling of “YES!! The darkness is behind us now.” I love heading into the light towards summer solstice where you know every day has a little more light and is that little bit longer, don’t you?

My favourite proverb (4:18) is: the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, getting brighter and brighter until the full light of day.


If you’re getting this email, then I know you’re somewhere on the path with me, heading towards the light of better health to body, soul and spirit!

In the detox, I often talk about how our cells are like hydroelectric dams, creating electricity as water flows in an out. Growing up next to the great and mighty Columbia river which has 14 dams on it, I’ve seen how electric energy is created when those big dynamos are moving round, water is flowing through, pushing great turbines into life. Have you ever visited a hydroelectric dam? There is a sense of both latent and potential POWER with the reservoir held back by such strong masonry structures.

In a fully hydrated person, electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are the main ones) are easily able to freely move back and forth through the cell membrane, much like water moves over the spillways of a dam. Our blood is that continually flowing river, pumped round by our heart, day in, night out, year after year after year.

During the day, sodium and calcium mostly like to hang out inside the walls of the cell but at night, they swap places with potassium and magnesium. When this process is complete, you have the perfect exchange of electrolytes and we feel rebalanced and energised when we wake in the morning as a result. These electrolytes have positive and negative charges and when they correctly swap, and the essential fatty acids in the cell membrane are efficiently metabolized, an electron cloud is formed around the cell membrane, forming clouds of light. YES. Light.

These beautiful little electron clouds around our electrically charged cells accept photons of light and can hold light. Think ENLIGHTENMENT – body, soul and spirit!

So, not only do we need sufficient water, but we need a sufficient store of these very important cell battery chargers called electrolytes. Guess what? Vegetables and greens are FULL of them! That’s what makes a green juice such a perfect formula for hydration – the water in the cucumbers, celery, lemon, spinach, chard, wheatgrass, kale, parsley, watercress, rocket – to name a few of the ones we juice most often, comes fully packed with all the electrolytes we need to absorb that water. As I think about this more, I don’t think we should call juice “juice”. It’s produce water. It’s a supplement. It’s a requirement for optimum energy and health.

However, there’s still one very important ingredient for cellular energy: We have to examine our triple layer cell membranes with as much awe as the Three Georges Dam on the Yangtze River, holding the largest power station in the world!

The two polarization layers of the outer sides of the cell membrane hold charge whilst the inner layer is a lipid layer, with no charge. Yes. Lipid. And lipid means fat. Remember that term – Essential Fatty Acids or EFA’s? Think of Omega 3 & 6’s as cellular cavity wall insulation. With 37.2 trillion cells on average per human body, that’s a lot of insulation!!

This lipid layer is designed to protect the cell from death so in a body that is fully hydrated, this inner insulation of the cell stays in balance. But what happens in a drought? What happens if there is a deficiency of electrolytes?

UH OH! The body produces more cholesterol, which then gets packed into this insulation layer to protect the cell from water loss. Thicker insulation is great in the cold climate cavity walls of our houses, keeping us warm and dry inside but for our cells, it reduces permeability. So those beautiful little electrolytes can’t swap places so easily to do their day and night jobs. They get stuck outside, trapped inside and frustration and chaos follows triggering a dehydration alert. The body is so awesome at making due, adapting itself to extreme conditions in order to keep us going, and we do…but in what state are we keeping going?

How are you going about your doing?

Tired? Propping ourselves up with stimulants to keep us going? Fatigued? Depressed? Feeling less confident about ourselves because of the extra weight we’re carrying?

We need to SWITCH ON OUR LIGHT and biochemically switch OFF our body’s dehydration alert system! This isn’t an overnight process, it doesn’t even happen in a week of juicing. But with conscious awareness and positive habits, we can get ourselves out of the hole of chronic dehydration.

This week, it is my great honour and pleasure to be hosting Durwin Banks, farmer and proprietor of www.thelinseedfarm.co.uk. He will be giving us one of his infamous show-and-tell lectures on Thursday night all about the importance of regularly taking linseed oil. For those of you who’ve visited us, you will be very familiar with his white pots of linseed capsules as we always pair linseed with our coloured juices to ensure maximum absorption and making sure the gut transit keeps running smoothly.

This morning, he brought in a wooden pail of brown linseed for us to plunge our hands into, “seed therapy” he called it and my goodness, if felt AMAZING!! I’ve never felt anything like it. The seeds are so smooth and soft and their electric magnetic charge just felt so good, I didn’t want to take my hands out of the pail!

1.  Take your Omega 3’s daily. (which and how much is another conversation)
2.  Drink fresh produce waters (aka juice) as often as you can, to make sure you get those electrolytes and hydrate yourself properly.
3.  Drink more filtered, energised water and cut back on the dehydrating drinks containing sugars and caffeine.

Let me know how you get on!

And remember, you can book your next Milestone Detox online – just click here!

Helena Cavan