Ferrero Rocher Bliss Ball Recipe


I hope you had a literally brilliant weekend! Jonathan and I tackled the hedges at Milestone and enjoyed giving it a tidy-up (in between him watching the football).

Have you made bliss balls before? They are so super easy and I knocked up a (double) batch on Sunday afternoon for the family using only hazelnuts for a Ferrero Rocher twist - hazelnuts are on offer at Lidl right now for .85p/200g. 

Bliss balls will keep in the fridge (or even freezer) for ages and as they use pure, raw cacao, are the real deal (so less is more)!  

I'm harvesting all the gooseberries, which have ripened so quickly in this heat, and freeze them for smoothies later - they pair beautifully with banana. Gooseberries are high in vitamin's A, C, manganese (as is cacao) and fibre - so if you let them ripen on the bushes until they're nice and soft, they don't need sugar to eat!

We kick off our second-ever cookery course on July 9th and there is still space if you'd like to come. Here is a review from our course in May.

Happy Summer and do keep in touch, I love hearing all your updates! 

Helena Cavan