Bellyfat Reduction


2 years ago, Cheltenham's Isbourne Holistic Centre asked me to be their Open Day Speaker.  At that talk, a lovely lady attended who confessed to me afterwards with tears in her eyes, that she had just been diagnosed with an ovarian tumour.  She wanted to treat the tumour naturally and began building a team around herself of experts, each with their speciality, to help her through.

I went down to their home in Dorset one weekend soon afterwards and taught her how to juice (and more!), bringing all the equipment and supplements with me - mobile detox, if you will!

2 years later, the tumour is still 1a, she feels energetic and good and decides this summer she wants to have it taken out with a hysterectomy.  Her GP could not believe how much energy she had and that the tumour hadn't spread.  This past week, she had a full body scan come back clear - the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else in her body.  She kept in touch with me before and after the op, I prayed my socks off for her, and she reports she's feeling great.  The nurses keep offering her pain relief but she isn't in pain and believes the power of prayer has helped hugely!  She went home shortly after her op having no reason to stay any further in hospital.

Friend, following a clean, healthy lifestyle makes a difference!

On Sunday, I gave a talk at the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival.  It was wonderful, as always, to meet new people and I love the question time afterwards.  It still surprises me, how much confusion there is around what to eat and how to improve ones lifestyle.

In our programmes, I like to explain that there are ACTIVE things we can do and PASSIVE things.   Getting a houseplant in by your bed which pumps out oxygen at night (like this one) is an inexpensive passive thing you can do for yourself and loved ones.

An ACTIVE thing you can do is make yourself lemon water to drink every day (especially first thing in the morning) and make, or buy yourself, a green juice.  It's exam season now in our household so I've been making, literally a gallon of green juice in the morning to energise the whole family...yes, it takes me about an hour to do, BUT, I think it's worth it! 

Here's our latest information sheet, which introduces you to a delicious belly-fat-reducing coffee alternative, which I have been introducing clients to in the detox.  I haven't yet met anyone who didn't find the taste palatable, never mind, enjoyable - so you won't waste your money by giving it a try!


Our next cookery course is 9-12 July and our next dinner party is 18th July.  I'd love to see you next month so do come and join us - you'll learn loads, love the food and make some happy memories spending time with lovely people.

Helena Cavan