Business Award Nomination


We've been nominated as finalists for the Best New Business Awards for both Best Service Industry AND Entrepreneur of the Year - see more here.

We're SO EXCITED!! The ceremony will be in London on June 29th -  please remember us this month, we've worked so hard to deliver the very best we can and have loved every minute of it.

On Sunday 17th June 2018 I'll be speaking at The Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival on The 3 Pillars of Clean Living - see more here. Come along if you can, I'd love to see you!

We are also in the upcoming Janey Loves Awards - click here to vote for us!

It has been SO rewarding to hear back from many of you about the little things you have implemented at home after staying with us.  

"If you change your diet 8% per month, in one year, you will change your diet 100%!"  

8% is a very small adjustment. 
It could be swapping plant milks for animal milks. 
It could be drinking one more litre of water per day. 
It could be regularly buying shelled hemps seeds and sprinkling them regularly onto your meals, adding powerful Omega nutrients as well as proteins and important fats. 
It could be swapping caffeinated drinks for non-caffeinated drinks. 

LITTLE THINGS add up to BIG THINGS when it comes to your health!

PS. Now is the salad season!  If you want a quick/easy/high energy solution, order trays of living sprouts here from Aconbury so you can have "salad on tap".  I throw the sunflower shoots into EVERY salad - from watermelon, to tomato to cucumber - with their high water content and subtle flavour they combine easily with everything. 

Helena Cavan