2018 Blast Off!

16 days into 2018 - How are you doing? 

I fell down a couple of times when we were skiing in Slovenia at the beginning of the month, (remember, it was our first time skiing in about 30 years) and I found it challenging to get myself up - embarrassingly alerting me that my core was not as strong as it used to be! 


So, I've committed to going to the gym with Jonathan and I'm happy to report that my muscles are continually aching because I have been regularly going for the past 2 weeks. It's not quite the same joy as zipping up and down my favourite Cotswold Hills with the dog, but equally as important and the personal trainers at our Body4You gym are excellent (and I don't miss the mud).

Have you been doing DRY JANUARY? I'm thrilled to report that today I struck a deal with Harper Collins Publishers to stock Annie's revolutionary book, This Naked Mind, in the detox moving forward. Can a book change your life? If you read it, absolutely YES! Here is what one Amazon review says:

"Excellent book! It really changes your perception on the 'benefits' of alcohol and your usage of it. I bought this on a recommendation and I happily endorse it."

If I have your postal address, you would have received a card from us this week with our upcoming Raw Food Dinner dates on it. If not, click here for more info.

Some of you may not be able to come for a full blown detox, so how about just coming for a sleep-over? At our BnB rate for the evening, this is our best value offering and you may book a treatment such as a colonic, a lymphatic drainage massage or a Liebust the following day after a delicious raw food breakfast. 

Our Raw Food Dinner Party also makes a great gift for a couple to have some time away, or to introduce a friend. You will maintain momentum and keep up your motivation by booking these evenings in advance as well, learning and tasting something new each and every time. Book online or give us a call on 01242 374084.

Helena Cavan