Pinch-Punch, First-Of-The-Month

Happy February! Dry January is over! 

One client told me she was going to do Dry February because it's shorter than January... Hehe 😃

Congratulations to all of you who have been doing Dry January. A client in the detox this week told me that when she went dry this month, she all-of-a-sudden got strong cravings for sweet. Have you experienced this? I explain it in my podcast with Annie, have you listened to it yet? Please do here, you'll learn A LOT! 

What's your best thing that has happened this week?  Mine is when two returning clients told me:

  1. One lady hasn't touched caffeine since she was here last June
  2. One lady hasn't touched alcohol since she was here last January

Why is this significant? Because what we're all about is helping you with lifestyle shift - to whatever extent you want to take it. Our focus isn't just on what happens whilst you're doing a detox, it's on how you want to feel in your day-to-day life and what is required for you to feel that. 

Here's a picture from our candlelight stretch this evening.

Helena Cavan