This Naked Mind Podcast with Helena Cavan

I don't like labels. I've never found them helpful. 

As humans, we're dynamic. Our brains are neuroplastic. We can change our minds, shift our states. 

We can inhale... and do things we've never done before. We can dream, imagine, create and rest. 

Annie Grace has just published the podcast interview we had just before Christmas. In it, I discuss my top tips for supporting yourself when you pull back on the drink - but the same applies if you pull back on sugar or gluten, which are also acidic.

I resonate with Annie because she too is not pro-labels. If you want to change your life, bring shift in - that's all you need to declare. Just say it: "I'm ready for shift. This will be my best year EVER!!"

Please watch or listen to the podcast and share it with friends, I really enjoyed making it! I tend to listen to podcasts when I'm driving or preparing food (i.e. my hands are busy) through the little purple app icon on my smartphone (or iPad). And just in case you'd like to see a transcript of our talk, here it is. If you find that what you hear resonates with you too, please share this blog post with your friends using the share links at the top of the page.

Helena Cavan